I’m Worried. Dark Agendas & The Future 😱

  • June 2023

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In this video titled I’m Worried. Dark Agendas & The Future , Elizabeth April expresses their concerns about various global issues such as financial collapse, food shortages, the 2030 agenda, shadow government, and loss of basic skills. However, their biggest worry is that people are missing the point of the awakening, which is the realization that we are more than just physical beings in this reality. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of understanding that we are powerful creators of our own reality and encourages viewers to focus on unity, take responsibility for their lives, and shift their focus towards creating a positive and empowering reality.

83 thoughts on “I’m Worried. Dark Agendas & The Future 😱

  1. I have to admit watching this video had me scared and hopeful at the same time one sense knowing that EA is enlightened with gifts learned and maybe not learned born with both I think and knowledge and connection’s is worried scares me and at the same time knowing she is worried sort of brings her closer to earth to me and other’s maybe I’m not such a lost cause and still have a purpose brings me hope video’s like this that takes me up and down teaches me to discern better think better to be a better person for me and everyone I’ll never stop trying to raise myself and other’s thanks to what’s inside me and to people like EA and her team love and peace

  2. Whats funny is how many of us must have felt that dreadful ‘Uh Oh’ this cant be good if EA is saying this!” Then felt ultimate relief at the end of the video.i felt like, ‘nah we got this! *pshhhh.*

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