Disclosure: The Human Hybrid Project 2050

  • June 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of the Human Hybrid Project and the future of extraterrestrial disclosure. They explain a timeline of disclosure in three stages and explore the idea of human beings as a hybrid experiment. They also discuss the potential for the next phase of human hybridization, specifically the creation of half-grey, half-human hybrids. Elizabeth April addresses concerns and explains that this project is for the benefit of humanity and our further evolution. They emphasize the importance of raising our vibrational frequency and express gratitude for the intervention of extraterrestrials in our evolution.

45 thoughts on “Disclosure: The Human Hybrid Project 2050

  1. I’m glad to hear this for the future of earth I know this body of mine won’t see it to much self sabotage here two dark dreams very vivid dreams years ago when I believed in ET’S but never knew of being awakend and before discovering this community if comes true I haven’t learned enough in this life time or I choose to come back either way if true dark times ahead for my soul I don’t mean to be gloomy just trying to wrap my head around stuff love to all

  2. Good video! EA talked about things that I think have been coming to my mind a lot recently. I feel like these were things that I already knew. A few years ago, I read a book called “Starseed”, and, of course, it was about a Starseed/hybrid here on earth whose family was, of course, human. They knew that she was different and would try to hide the features that would make her stand out/different when she would go out in public. Part of the book was also about other Starseeds/hybrids coming to the town she lived in, abductions, and hybrid pregnancies. I think that this book opened up my mind more to all the abductions I remember hearing about when I was younger back in the 80s or 90s. I think this book gave me a sort of “Aha!” moment. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks, EA!

  3. hi all! had to pop in here because the wildest thing happened after I watched this video. I lucid dream almost every night (curse and blessing lol) and thought about this while lucid in a dream last night. as dreams are always hard to explain I will try my best. I was with familiar energies (people) in the dream and i’m not sure if I know them in this life, but felt deeply close to them and that we were awaiting some kind of dangerous situation. I knew I was dreaming but wanted to let this play out due to curiosity so I didn’t take control of the dream. we were all in the house I grew up in (pretty much all my lucid dreams start here) and this felt at least 40 years in the future. maybe more. the group I was with saw something coming towards us through the window of the house like a white smoke from about a mile away, so we all walked outside onto the porch. as soon as we walked outside we saw a large group of children all dressed in grey clothing (lol) walking towards us from 1/2 mile away. I knew they were children because they were smaller and it clicked! this is the information I had received from the video, just as a visual. it was a beautiful scene. people were hesitant, but most were walking towards them mostly just curious. I started crying and saying to what felt like my partner in that dream that I had been waiting on this. that I told told family and friends this would happen and everyone didn’t believe or laughed at me. this reaction caught me off guard after waking because i’ve never actually tried to convince anyone this is all real. I just know it to be true. such a cool dream and wanted to share! I was woken up by my 7 year old blowing in my face and scaring me to death – nice slap back to the now reality. 🤣

  4. Is it possible for us to experience some of these timelines you are predicting, like a one world wide event where the aliens come to introduce themselves and unite us as one, But could instead cause mass division instead. Could 2 people experience different timelines and still be on this earth at the same time. Collectively? Idk weird question, I feel like I had it better structured halfway through the video but forgot exactly what I thought I questioned.

  5. Well on the one hand humans have been changed by other alien DNA since we lived in caves, that is why we now have all these different DNA that can be activated and why we now can evolve towards higher vibraion and dimensions ..if we choose the light .. So if other DNA have been added to the human DNA for this long, why would it stop now?

    ON the other hand if we allreday have all this DNA in our bodies that can be activated (including gray DNA) why would we need more DNA from the Gray? Why can we not just activate the DNA in our bodies with the light upgrades that are coming in? And then taht way humans can become what we were supposed to be?

    I love EA and she is usually right, but i may need some more time with this one. I will ever only invite and agree to sources and my higher selfes plans for me. I will not specifically invite any spicies .. i will just ask for source and the highest lights plans for me and for earth.

  6. Love this information and I always knew I was very different from all my family and friends. I’ve been visited by outside (something or someone). I’ve always wanted to meet or connect with outside source, however this has never happened. Sending you love and light❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  7. I am a Hybrid Mother, and I have been in touch with my galactic family for over 10 years. My understanding is that hybrid children are a blend of Grey and Human dna, and Essassani beings are here to aid with information and familiarity of the project and to aid in our ascension at this time. The more recent hybrids of the civilizations of the Shalania & Yayel will be the first to make contact with us since they look more like us and have more Human dna, and therefore will be less alien to us.
    It took me a while to understand my role as a Hybrid Mother, and I’m still diving into this more and more, though I’m also physically busy as a human mother with a son of 3 yrs old. However, this absolutely feels that it is part of my mission and I am thankful for my ability to aid and assist in this aspect of evolution. I am also looking forward to 2027, and also eventually the arrival of the Hybrid Children. Exciting times to be alive! Love to all ❤️

  8. LOVE YOU EA. : ) But not sure about this particular download. Doesn’t sit right. Hopefully, someone can chime in and make it make sense. I disagree with the idea that we would just be unintelligent cave dwellers had ET’s not moved us along. Sure they have helped us along but if we are divine beings capable of all you said at the end. Full of all this amazing gift of abilities, it seems to me we DON’T need to be seeded with other Alien DNA. We already possess everything we need. We just need enlightenment & source. FORCED DNA from other beings seems unnecessary. I was under the understanding that we are supposed to be on this journey to grow ourselves as humans. Not to be messed with. Helped yes, but not to be swayed and manipulated. Maybe I haven’t fully digested this, and maybe my intuition is picking up on something else but something just isn’t sitting right or there is a piece missing perhaps. ? I thought we were made in ” Gods image” and we are supposed to be US. Not manipulated be ET’s. I didn’t think they were allowed to interfere. Only help. The whole free will thing. choice. I think we are supposed to evolve in our own way on our own terms.

    1. Hi trlse_517, spiritual evolution in the 3rd density is a 75,000-year process, for any 3D planet (and there are multitudes). So, on a cosmic scale, that is a very short period of time to evolve spiritually. The reason it’s so short, is because the 3rd density is the hardest and most difficult density to experience, as a soul in a human body. The level of pain, suffering, wars, and destruction in 3D is overwhelming and that is why SOURCE energy made it so short. Mother Gaia is evolving, as of 2012, into the next phase of her evolution. The souls that don’t evolve spiritually along with her, will NOT ascend with her and will ultimately be karmically required to evolve on some other 3D planet to finish their spiritual growth. So it is truly for our evolutionary benefit, as souls, that the Galactic Federation has been assisting homo sapiens in our journey towards a higher state of consciousness. God’s image, in our creation, was that of the Anunnaki’s, they were our God’s. Then further spices contributed their DNA to the human spices, setting the path for the divine plan of all creation: from the darkness, find your way back to the light, to the creator, which is all knowing, love, light and Unity. This is how the creator can experience itself! And this divine plan never ends, as everything in creation is eternal.

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