Tools for Anxiety & Depression During Ascension

  • June 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the impact of the Ascension process on mental health, focusing on anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. They explain why these experiences occur during awakening and provide tools and tips for managing them, such as being okay with being emotional, seeking support from others, practicing gratitude, and protecting oneself energetically. Elizabeth April also touches on psychic attacks and the importance of maintaining a high vibrational state.

36 thoughts on “Tools for Anxiety & Depression During Ascension

  1. I realized I am an earth angel… I have had such a hard and painful life. Especially physically painful. And now that I know what I am I don’t feel better. I feel worse. I don’t understand why I would choose this. I really don’t want to be here. I haven’t ever wanted to be here. And I thought finding out my truth would help me feel more belonging but it did the opposite. I’m so scared that I’ll never be okay.

  2. I really notice intrusive thoughts and anxiety after smoking pot (*especially anything from a dispensary*) and I can’t help but think that these lower entities are somehow linked to a lot of the cannabis floating around. I know the THC content has really skyrocketed, and of course the plant itself has potent healing to offer, but I am kind of thinking that it’s gifts are being co-opted by dark forces that see the vulnerability of stoned minds. Our astral definitely gets so much more open in that state, and it’s no wonder so many are believing they’re schizophrenic after potentially bringing in several of these beings.

  3. Super helpful! I’m glad EA really went into detail about depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts as well as the ways to navigate through them as much as she did. I am blown away by the tips she shared that allow us to face such realities during our awakening. Again, excellent downloads as always, EA. Also, thank you all administrators and crew members. So much love and light for EA, Nat, and the baby! This video makes me feel grateful for all who are involved in this phenomenal community.

  4. The intrusive thoughts! Has anyone noticed intrusive thoughts like behind what your thinking. Hard to explain. One day I realized that when ever I felt guilty, I d imagine something super effed up happening to me. Like I became aware of a record playing in the background.

  5. I am being revisited by anxiety, back pain, depression. I haven’t felt these feelings in years. This info is so important and helpful! I’ve been trying to go back to when these feelings started to understand and release them. Perfect timing of course! Thank you, EA

  6. Hi all👋🏼
    I wrote this on the YouTube version of this video, but it never showed up even though it appeared to post???
    What I wrote was something like this.

    My son(34) was diagnosed as a schizophrenic by the VA. On his first 72 hour hold, my ex husband & I heard rapping on the side of our house.
    My Malaysian friend was in Chinatown & bought a guardian plaque for the home, but she didn’t understand why she purchased it until I informed her on our family’s troubles. (The rapping went away).
    My son needed meds & our family needed to raise our vibrations.
    I went to Sonja Grace who told me we had an open negative ET portal at the end of our house.(she closed it)
    My son is mostly ok now, but in the process My husband (& best friend) & I got divorced & I retired.
    Challenges are necessary for our growth.
    Yippeee!!! Lol.
    I’m alone now (must be needed) & trying to find my highest vibrational self. Finding gratitude. I’m pretty healthy, no $$ worries right now.

    I’m being ok with not being perfectly ok.
    I’m 👀@the pain & the self doubt & self judgement.

    I guess cause the Western world has so many blessings, we should be fine.

    Thank you EA for being you❤️there must be ooodles of people you are helping😀

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