Reptilian Takeover 2023

  • July 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the reptilian takeover and provides updates on their agenda. They explain the power structure of reptilians, the distinctions between underground and above-ground reptilians, and the existence of reptilian-human hybrids. Elizabeth April also suggests that underground reptilians are transitioning to the light, while above-ground reptilians are divided between those who think they are winning and those who are scared. The video mentions upcoming power moves, including environmental catastrophes, food scarcity, mandates against free will, threats of war, and the potential impact of AI. Elizabeth April encourages self-sufficiency, focusing on the good, and not feeding into the reptilian narrative. The video concludes by suggesting a timeline until 2030, with a shift in power and the emergence of global solutions potentially leading to a shift in consciousness and a choice of reality.

71 thoughts on “Reptilian Takeover 2023

  1. Great episode, thank you so much 🙏🏻 I have completely stopped watching the news, I don’t even listen to mainstream music anymore and I only consume these kind of topics from you and others who I resonate with.
    Since breaking free from “the matrix” I have found myself going really inward. By quieting my surroundings, everything is so much clearer. I have even noticed that a lot of my friendships have drifted, and this is because I’m just on a completely different vibration and frequency, it’s as though I’ve quantum leaped into a completely different time line altogether. I feel so much lighter, and I love my own company. Because I’m not alone right?
    I’ve started channeling light language and various sound frequencies and wondered if you yourself channel different light language too? Sometimes I’m not sure what frequencies I’m channeling but I know they are for my highest good and I do feel so much love and healing. Do you have any information or videos on topics like this please? 🙏🏻🫶🏻💕

  2. As for me I was raised catholic but like now i question lead to a lack of faith.tapping into dark energy.used ouji boards last time 2001.known about other dimensions since 1996,drawn to alot of heavy metal music. For many years it was like Both sides of my brain always at war with itself.being a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus balance I needed was rarely around. November 14 2022 at noon,something changed.i went to stretch and when I lifted my arms took a deep breath and that is when I felt a divine bright white light hit the top of my head expand in my mind flow down my body neck down to my tailbone cracked perfectly connecting the 2 sides and no longer at war but in unison.must have a strong mind because in January depression finally caught up with my best friend since December 94.hung himself January 23 I was the first to find him like that hanging down the mental health was cooked till may through meditation and digging deep in my subconscious am now recovered didn’t need a everyone said just needed to let my powerful mind go to work on healing.

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