Mind Hacking to Become Superhuman 😱🧬

  • July 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of mind hacking and how it can help us overcome negative patterns and traumas. They explain the cycle of thought, memory, emotion, and reaction that keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of neutralizing emotional reactions and suggests techniques for doing so, such as objective observation and repeated focus on painful memories. They also discuss the illusion of physical sensation and the power of perception. The video encourages viewers to release emotional baggage and create space for new experiences, ultimately leading to a transmutation of reality.

39 thoughts on “Mind Hacking to Become Superhuman 😱🧬

  1. Thanks so much for this video!! I have been through a lot of sexual abuse since a kid and my last incident was at 28! I’m now 30 and just got married 2 weeks ago. I’m in the healthiest relationship ever but recent started having health issues and I think it’s related to my years of depression and low self worth. We want a family and I know in order for us to have children and my body to heal I need to let go of my past trauma from this lifetime. I can’t even imagine what traumas I had in my past life but thanks for the tips EA! Here’s to letting go of the past for a bright future ✨

  2. 💯. You are so right about the importance of shadow work! ☆☆☆ I have been trying so hard to work through mine for the past 3yrs. ✨️ This message resonates with me so much (as with all of your messages! )Ty *onelove *soultribe!

  3. I watched this for the third time and I was able to receive different and important mind blowing information! haha…I know myself well enough that I try to watch things multiple times. Gotta say…you make it easy to hear. Thank you for everything you are sharing. I LOVE IT!!! I took lots of notes and it felt like the coolest most fantastical school ever!!! I fully support you! Keep going!

  4. What an amazing video. So much valuable content. I had to watch it again and I took a lot of notes so I’m happy to share them:

    Our minds play a significant role in shaping the reality we perceive. They possess an extraordinary ability to create the world around us. However, we often overlook our true divine power, limiting our potential for growth and transformation.

    The entirety of our reality is intertwined with our perception. If we can understand and gain control over our minds, we hold the key to influencing the outcomes and experiences in our lives.

    According to simulation theory, our minds cannot distinguish between dreams and waking reality. This blurring of boundaries leads to intriguing questions. Could our current existence be just another layer in a complex, multi-layered universe? This perspective encourages us to not take our reality too seriously, reminding us that there is an ongoing battle between forces of light and darkness. It also suggests that our existence extends beyond a single timeline, offering limitless possibilities to explore. This is just one timeline out of an infinite amount of timelines, and at any time, you can hop out or into timelines whenever you wish.

    A fascinating concept related to our minds is neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change and adapt throughout our lives. In the past, it was widely believed that our brains were fixed and unchangeable. However, recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and quantum physics have shown that we can rewire our brains at any age. There have been documented cases of individuals waking up from comas speaking different languages, highlighting the brain’s incredible potential for transformation.

    It could be trauma that changes our brains or our conscious awareness. Here is a technique that’s going to change your reality, which changes your brain and your perception.

    It starts with your mind/thoughts – we think about a memory, a memory arises in your mind, and that memory sparks an emotion, and that emotion sparks some sort of pain or trauma. It’s most likely traumatic, and then you repeat the cycle.

    For a long time, it was thought that our memories were accurate representations of past events. However, neuroscientists have discovered that memories are not exact replicas, but rather reconstructions influenced by previous recollections. When we recall a memory, we are essentially remembering the last time we remembered it, introducing distortions and alterations similar to the game of Chinese whispers.

    Memory holds great significance because it is closely tied to emotional experiences. We tend to remember memories that are emotionally charged, whether positive high vibration or negative low vibration . These intense emotions become imprinted within us, occupying space in our consciousness, much like air filling a balloon. If we allow these memories to accumulate without resolution, they can overwhelm us, leaving no room for new connections and experiences. This accumulation leads to the repetition of mental and emotional cycles, which can manifest as diseases in our bodies and lower vibrational frequencies in our reality.

    So if I were to ask you right now to think of a memory that sticks out in your mind, then let me ask you, is it a really good memory or a really bad memory? Most likely, you are not remembering what you ate for dinner last night. The memory that comes to mind is not an everyday thing because there isn’t an emotional connection to it. This is the key to unlocking and overriding trauma. When we associate an extreme emotional connection to a memory, that memory and emotional connection are being held in our bodies, just like having air in a balloon. If you don’t release that air, you will end up with a bunch of balloons hanging around.

    Because what happens in life is that if you were a house and every memory you had with an extreme reaction or emotion fills up your own house or body, you have no space within you or your house to have any other connections. You are living in the past. You are full, your capacity is all filled up, and this is where you get into the state of reaction, trigger, projection, attachment to identity, and addiction. This is what leads us down this path when we are so full of memories. You don’t think of them on a day-to-day basis, but they are there. You haven’t released them. You stay stuck in the same cycles over and over again because it’s safe.

    At a certain level, self-sabotage is safer than experiencing something new. That’s when we get stuck and spiral. That’s a human condition of the mind. We all do it. What you want to do is let go of the painful emotional reactions.

    Now, let’s explore physical sensations. One interesting way to demonstrate the illusion of physical sensation relates back to simulation theory. Imagine I’m right beside you and I say, “Hey, Steve, nice arm you have,” and then I pinch your arm. Later in the day, I pinch your arm again, but this time you haven’t paid much attention to it. Surprisingly, the second pinch is less painful than the first, even though the stimulus was the same.

    This phenomenon highlights how pain can feel different even with the same trigger, simply because our perception plays a role. There was a study conducted on burn victims, who experience some of the worst injuries. As part of the study, they received skin grafts and had to massage scar tissue.They participated in a virtual reality experiment while undergoing the skin graft procedure whilst having a virtual reality headset on. The findings showed that they felt less pain when they were distracted by the virtual reality experience. This demonstrates that our perception of pain is subjective, residing in the mind rather than solely in the body. It’s believed that we can change our perception of pain to something else, such as perceiving it as an itch or a tickle.

    Physical sensations are closely tied to emotional reactions. Memories, especially vivid ones, tend to evoke emotional responses. So, how do we overcome physical sensations? And, even more importantly, how do we overcome emotional reactions, past traumas, negative associations, and addictions?

    The answer lies in neutralising these experiences by neutralising the emotional reaction tied to the sensation or memory. By doing so, we no longer hold onto that inflated balloon within our reality.

    Being fully present with every experience is highly important, regardless of whether it’s positive, negative, or challenging. Even when faced with painful or traumatic situations, it’s crucial to acknowledge and embrace the fullness of that experience. However, instead of storing those experiences as inflated balloons, it’s beneficial to release the air from the balloon, allowing the experience to pass without lingering attachments. It’s not about avoiding emotions or denying experiences; rather, it’s about engaging with the experience and then consciously neutralising its impact. The question arises: How can we neutralise fears, such as the fear of water following a near-drowning incident?
    I firmly believe that we have the ability to neutralise fears, traumas, memories, attachments, addictions, and diseases. These conditions often manifest as symptoms of the underlying emotional attachments we hold onto, rather than being the core issue itself. The cause of diseases, addictions, depression, and anxiety lies in our emotional attachment to negative reactions, situations, and memories, which can manifest in various ways.

    So, how do we go about neutralising these influences? Let’s revisit the balloon analogy. By directing our focus towards the pain and trauma associated with these experiences, we can release the trapped air from the balloon. Opening the balloon’s spout and consciously focusing on it allows the air to dissipate. This process does not eliminate the experience entirely; it remains a part of our being. However, it no longer dictates our cycles or imprisons us within a limited reality or mindset. By disrupting the repetitive firing of neural pathways, we create the space necessary to perceive and engage with the world in fresh and diverse ways.

    By clearing away the remnants of the past, we make room for new experiences, embracing the full spectrum of life, including the good, the bad, the indifferent, and the challenging.

    Take a moment to reflect on something significant, perhaps an incident involving a neighbour who caused you harm or an ex-partner who broke your heart. Dive into that painful memory, but instead of resorting to distractions like indulging in food, shopping, or excessive TV watching—methods that fail to address the core issue—I encourage you to truly immerse yourself in that memory. Don’t just visit it once.

    By re-experiencing the trauma, you allow the suppressed emotions such as anger, guilt, and shame to resurface. Our initial instinct may be to escape these emotions, triggering our fight-or-flight response. However, I propose a different approach: fully embrace and feel each emotion. And once you have fully experienced them, don’t simply halt and move on with your day. Continue to revisit that experience.

    Why is it essential to re-experience past events? I recommend past life regression to everyone because sometimes trauma becomes deeply ingrained, requiring repetition—50 times, 100 times, or more—before we can neutralise its hold on us. Through this process, we neutralise the emotions and trauma by objectively observing them repeatedly. Over time, you’ll notice that these emotions become less intense, gradually deflating the metaphorical balloon in your emotional space. While the experience may still remain a part of your being, you no longer have to relive it on a daily basis or run from it. You have gained knowledge from it, observed it, and moved forward—a truly beautiful transformation.

    The key to overcoming such challenges lies in objectively observing the emotional reactions tied to these experiences. This practice can lead to triumph every single time.

    Now, it’s crucial to recognise the underlying root cause of the issue. Consider this scenario: If you smoke or consume alcohol and aim to overcome these addictions, it’s vital to address the core problem. Merely focusing on smoking or drinking is not enough; these actions are symptomatic of a deeper issue. The true cause might be a health crisis or disease rather than the addictions themselves. Society and doctors often misinterpret the issue, urging us to mask it with pharmaceuticals. Smoking might serve as a method of dissociation. To understand why you’ve developed a specific disease or health complications, you must dig deep into the root cause. Perhaps it stems from a divorce or another significant event. Identifying and neutralising the root cause is essential to truly overcome these challenges. This applies to various aspects of life, including financial struggles or the lack of abundance. By delving into the source, you can address the underlying issues that prevent you from achieving well-being.

    As powerful beings, we possess the remarkable ability to override and reshape our entire reality simply by shifting our focus. Take a deep dive into the painful memories of your life, observing them objectively and allowing every emotion to surface. Rather than letting these emotions linger, repeat the process of observation and replaying those situations and memories. By doing so, you can gradually release their grip on your current reality.

    Gaining freedom from this repetitive cycle enables you to cultivate a present moment focus, empowering you to manifest your desires. When your mental and emotional space is consumed by the past, it leaves little room for energy, awareness, and the ability to embrace the possibilities of the future or fully engage with the present. Always keep in mind that by transforming your mind, you have the power to transmute your reality.

  5. Omgoodness! That’s so interesting! Ancient Greece? Yes girl, try some more jump rope it’s a great workout, just trust yourself and try again. Love the eyeliner~Welcome to your 31st year of this life, I will be there soon on the 28th.

  6. Love this video so much. I’m going to use the balloon example to explain to my teen how we overcome painful past experiences.
    I’m going to share something personal but it might be too much for some people so read on with caution. ⚠️

    We have been in a very painful cycle with our 13 year old daughter for over a year now. She believes she is addicted to cutting and says she wants to die. She refuses to follow our rules, like putting the phone away by 11pm or just keeping the clothing off her floor to earn allowance. Giving her consequences and following through is like walking a very fine line. She will go to extremes and say she wants to kill herself. We know it’s manipulation but how do we know for sure? We have to work and we give in and let her keep her phone sometimes just so we can sleep at night. Otherwise one of us has to stay up with her to make sure she isn’t sneaking out to steal razor blades or hurt herself. We go to counseling and group every week but its not enough. She is a full time job on top of working 40hrs.

    This is my why. I have to be awake for my daughter. I have no choice but to watch this video and take notes. Thank you so much for your content, it helps on so many levels. 🙏🫶

    • Being good parents these days is SO HARD!! I feel for what you are going through.
      One thing I know, is kids need boundries to feel safe.
      Otherwise they feel unfrounded, etc.
      I know ( believe me ) how hard it is with the follow through and all. Kids are SO SMART and savvy Lol
      They know how to manipulate and guilt.
      It is IMPERATIVE that you follow through with rules and boundaries!!! Of course she will pitch a fit and make your lif miserable but it wont last forever.
      Honestly our extremely challenging teen even calmed down after a few hours. And actually became HUMAN again!!
      Engaged and actually acted relieved.
      Phones are like drugs!!!! So it will be like coming down off a bad drug. Kids are too dependant on decices and are not living in this world or having as much human CONNECTION as they need. REAL connection. Not fake pretend device connection. Same for adults.
      I would reckon to guess the phone very well might be the source of of cutting. ?
      I could be wrong but she sounds like a very sensitive young person and man oh man!!! These poor kids today having to deal with all this insanity!!!! SO UNFAIR!!
      I wouldnt worry too much at all about clothes on floor.
      She needs her own space to be her space as she wants.
      BUT no rotten dishes or things of that nature.
      And shod respect rest of household.
      Anyway! Lol didnt mean to write book but have two daughters BEEN THERE.
      Kids need parents more than ever. Trust me! Be the “bad guy” when necessary to teach skills!
      Otherwise a disservice to her.
      BE THERE for her. Listen when she talks with you. Shes at a tough age.. and ESPECIALLY in this day and age.
      She is your MOST IMPORTANT job in life.😉 Enjoy her! They grow fast!!!
      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enforce phone time limits! Critical for SO many reasons!!
      Also, find an amathing therapist for her if you can.
      Sometimes takes a few to find one she will connect with.
      She has some deep sadness and very sensitive!! She needs an outlet.
      Good luck!! Hang in there.
      Sending you much love & hilugs!!!

    • I wish when I was suicidal in my teens, rather than having my parents try to fix or prevent it, they would have sat down with me and asked me why I didn’t want to be in this world. If they had shared their experiences with depression or suicidal ideation, I wouldn’t have felt like my parents didn’t understand what I was going through. Sometimes the best way to make them feel seen and heard is to look into their deep dark self with them. This will also give her the living example of seeing you as an adult look deep into your own soul, and share times where maybe you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to get yourself out of the darkness. This will teach her that it’s possible, without making her feel judged or shamed or any additional emotional reaction. Curious to see if this gets y’all anywhere, cus I’m 25 and my self harm journey lasted until I was 23, so this could be quite a long journey if she’s not able to show her true darkest self to those that love her unconditionally. Sending her lots and lots of love and light. You can tell her I’m grateful that she is still here, she still has so much to give 🩷

  7. Awesome video EA! I’ve had an issue with chronic pain for more than 25 years, from osteoarthritis and nerve pain. It’s so insane to realize that I’ve had more than two dozen surgeries, including ten arthroscopy cleanouts, bilateral knee replacements, bilateral hip replacements, bilateral basal thumb joint replacement, shoulder repairs, three spinal surgeries and cataract surgery. I also have hypothyroidism. I now realize that the “Diseases” in my body began in my mid-thirties from not speaking my authentic truth during and after two marriages involving verbal abuse. I basically gave away my power and silenced my own voice. I recently had a spiritual reading and was told that these physical issues were also pre-planned in my contract to force me to slow down, sit still, go within and connect with my inner self. For years, it was typical for me to recover completely after each surgery and then immediately jump right back into my corporate job and continue on with my insanely busy life. I began my awakening journey during Covid, which kind of forced me to slow down and really connect with my inner self through meditation and energy healing. I have come a long way. I no longer hold onto fear, resentment, or anger because I realize all of my traumatic experiences have made me who I am today. I’m in a great place spiritually, and my body is doing remarkably well considering all the surgeries I have had, but it seems like my body is still stuck in a perpetual loop of pain, surgery, recovery, and repeat to some extent, although not as intense as it was in the past. I have relived my traumas many times over and I can look at them objectively now. Self-energy healing keeps the pain level acceptable, so it’s no longer as intense and severe. When I meditate, I manifest abundance and a pain-free healthy body and I feel like I’m definitely making progress. I keep thinking that since it’s taken me 25 years to get into this condition, it may take time to unmanifest these conditions. Any suggestions to accelerate this process?

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