Big Secret Reveal For 2023 + Q&A

  • January 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth and Natacha announce that they are expecting a baby and share their journey to pregnancy. They discuss their plans for a natural home birth and their intention to raise their child as conscious parents. They also address questions from viewers about various aspects of their pregnancy and parenting plans. Additionally, they mention their desire to maintain some privacy for their family while still sharing parts of their journey with their audience.

Okay… soooo, we’ve been keeping a secret🤫 I’m not going to tell you much more on here👀 … you’ll have to watch the video for more details!!! 🤐

34 thoughts on “Big Secret Reveal For 2023 + Q&A

  1. Hi Elizabeth! I had a dream a bout you having a child , probably a month ago. The dream baby was a girl , nevertheless I knew it’s a message you’re pregnant 🙂 congratulations again! It is a great journey! I also never wanted to have kids or get married, here I’m now, married 15 years with two children 😁 and I’m grateful 🙏
    Btw weirdly I had few very vivid dreams where you’ve been with or without Nat… 🤔🙂

  2. What a love in this video 💞 Congrats to the both of you! I wish you a birth full of love and light with the whole team. And having a doula is so amazing. She is there for the emotional support for you both, no matter what happens. You got this mama’s! Love&light ✨️😘

  3. Aawww congratulations to you both!! So exciting you will be welcoming your little starseed soon. I’m sure this goes without saying given your background, but help him remember where he came from as he grows. Quick story, one warm sunny day playing in the grass with my then almost 3 yr old son, I looked down at him and said “how did I get so lucky to have you?” he immediately looked up at me and said “because I chose you.” My heart sank and eyes filled with tears, I said “what do you mean you chose me?” he pointed to the sky and looked up and said “I chose you, before I was in your tummy.”🥺 This was before I had gone through my big awakening although I had gone through awakening experiences before this I just didn’t understand. This blew my mind and confirmed for me without a doubt that we are so much more than we know. I wish I would have asked more questions then. Help your sweet starseed child remember who their soul is and where they came from every day as they grow. You are all so blessed to have each other. Congratulations! ✨😊💗

  4. I have a solution for the “people touching belly” issue!! I was very uncomfortable when people just started to rub my pregnant belly, so what I did was I started to rub their belly back. Its hilarious! I’d say, ” SEE ITS WEIRD RIGHT!!?” Word must have got around, cause it just stopped after the first few ppl got a rub back!! hahahaha

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