The Dangerous Rise of Cults & New Age

  • February 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the rise of cults and extremist groups in recent times. They outline the characteristics of cults, including charismatic leaders, ideological purity, mind-altering practices, love bombing, isolation, apocalyptic thinking, and excessive investment of time, money, and energy. Elizabeth April expresses concern about the potential increase in cults due to the upcoming mass awakening of individuals and emphasizes the importance of questioning everything, believing in personal access to information, and grounding spirituality through a scientific approach.

12 thoughts on “The Dangerous Rise of Cults & New Age

  1. This topic and video from Elizabeth gives a good background to the documentaries I’ve been watching lately, about two ‘more or less’ cult leaders in the nowadays ‘spiritual YouTube community’, Eldora & Siman.

    If you are interesting to learn more about it and to understand the nightmare that the people that made the documentaries went through, please look it up on YouTube:

    P.s I would not share this, if I felt myself that something was/ is off with Eldora & Siman. This is also comming from my own discernment.

    “Going In – A Documentary about me, my family and Eldora & Siman” – Made by Johnny D.

    And a multiple parts serie:

    “EXPOSED: Eldora & Siman, False Lights / “The Employees Speak” / part 1 – Made by Ebony Wilson from “White Crow Tarot”

  2. I think my biggest concern about cults is that they all seem to be fear-based, and fear feeds the dark side. (Which sure as hell needs no extra feeding, at this point) what with Gates, Musk and the Elites fully engaged now in the genocide of humanity, coming from it from a number of initiatives, including the jab, controlling climate, poisoning our food supply etc etc. Unfortunately, as many people tend to get enraged, disgusted etc once they learn what is actually going on behind the scenes, this sort of reaction only serves to further fuel the darkness. The answer lies in the most powerful force in the Universe, Love. As hard as it is to do, the only successful way to fight this darkness is by loving and raising these people up. Thanks as always for your insights. โค๏ธ

  3. All I got is wow. I discovered the collective conscious as a child and like to refer to it as Akashic. It becomes tangible and I can tap instantaneously like I can astral project almost instantaneously. I thought I was alone in this.

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