Shocking New Earth Mandela Effect Updates 2023-2024

  • December 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the strange occurrences and shifts happening in 2023, including glitches in the matrix, time fluctuations, Mandela effects, and physical symptoms. They mention the increase in the Schumann resonance, solar flares, and even Northern lights in Las Vegas. Elizabeth April then has a conversation with a Pleiadian being named Kinetic about the shift into the new Earth and non-local reality. They explain that the entire universe is experiencing the shift, and discuss the options and choices involved. They also touch on the potential effects of a solar flare and provide suggestions for staying safe during the shifts. The video ends with information about upcoming events.

70 thoughts on “Shocking New Earth Mandela Effect Updates 2023-2024

  1. This video is absolutely brilliant. I’ve felt the shift powerfully in the first couple weeks of January and is has been a rough ride sometimes. It’s getting easier now…

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