Secrets Exposed: Hawaiian Fires & Shadow Agendas

  • August 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the recent fires in Hawaii and explores the larger agendas at play on Earth. They claim that the fires in Hawaii were not natural but instead were created intentionally. Elizabeth April believes that the fires were a part of various agendas, including distraction, depopulation, destroying land and food, and lowering vibration. They also suggest that the fires were intended to manipulate sacred land and suppress ancient knowledge. Elizabeth April offers two approaches to fight back: a 3D approach involving sharing information, protesting, and signing petitions, and a 5D approach involving conscious focus and intention. They emphasize the importance of collective action and believe that disclosure of hidden agendas will occur in the future. Elizabeth April urges viewers to share the information, raise awareness, and focus on the positive possibilities for change.

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