2023 VITAL Message to Humanity: Sh*t is going down

  • April 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of quantum timeline shifting and the various effects it has on individuals and society as a whole. They talk about experiencing dreams from different timelines, feeling extreme exhaustion, and the rapid shifting away from old timelines. Elizabeth April also mentions the possibility of a solar flare event and provides advice on how to navigate the shifting timelines.

41 thoughts on “2023 VITAL Message to Humanity: Sh*t is going down

  1. EA you’re the only person in my life that has ever made sense to me. What you say and the stories you have resonate with me on a high level. I’ve been in this weird state all my life, weird stuff happening, I never related to anyone. Conversations have never been on a deep level. I’ve always known there is soooo much more to this human experience. I’ve just never known what it was. Thank you for your knowledge and information you have to give us 💙. I started talking to a few people about this but they can’t grasp this, so I have stopped. I feel like I’m on such a different, I don’t even know what to call it lol I don’t want to say level but maybe time line. I feel like I know everything you’re saying like it’s always been inside me. I just know information and it’s wild. I go out grocery shopping for example and I feel like everyone is in the same store but I’m in like a different dimension shopping in the same store lol. If that even makes sense. I have people just staring at me and even like people breaking their necks as I walk by. I’m in no way saying I’m attractive lol because it’s women, children, men, all ages. People will just start telling me stuff about their life randomly as we look at the vegetables lol. I came around a corner one time and there were 5 people in an isle and they all looked up at me at the same time and said sorry and all of them and their carts dispersed to allow me to look at the food lol. I started to chuckle and I said it’s okay you guys were here first. This sounds like I’m gloating lol but I can assure you I’m not, it’s just fun experiences I’m having. I can’t talk to animals quite yet but I always can figure out if they are having a problem or need something. They all flock to me. My animals love when I meditate. I’ll come out of meditation and they are all sitting there staring at me 😍. Even my friends that are mediums can’t relate to most of this stuff you teach EA. I come to them with “different” experiences while meditating and they call it resistance or I’m just not there yet and I believed them and now I know I’m meditating right and I’m experiencing something out of this world. I guess this all boils down to you giving me the confidence and the knowing that I’m not crazy and I’m just having pretty awesome experiences and the biggest thing is that IM DOING IT RIGHT for me. I’ve seen like 30 of your videos lol. Thanks again 🙏💙☮️☀️🤩

    1. That’s amazing!! I too have people staring at me at odd times and I always thought it was because something was wrong with me lol I’ve had to really work on my self-esteem 😂 thanks for your comment, so glad you’re here! 🩷

    2. So beautiful and exciting Caitlin! I’m right there with you💫it is so wonderful and magical, but yes the gap between 5D and 3D feels bigger lately so we can really tell the difference when in public…we have switched into a new timeline!🤩 I started to have telepathic experiences and to bi- locate many years ago without fully realizing it until last year….and even then I thought it was all my imagination and that no way it was already happening haa to then realizing that the whole time I was having multidimensional experiences and tapping into other aspects of my Soul!! It is very exciting to envision what is coming for us in the future, eventhough things do seem a bit chaotic out there for many but well there has to be death/chaos/destruction for transformation and rebirth to take place so we can all rise together again as One💜

      1. Amazing! Love it! Thanks so much! How did you come into your gifts?? Were they just there and you discovered them or did you practice? I’m very interested haha, I love any and everything quantum and psychic!

  2. Okayyy I couldn’t POSSIBLY have anymore signs to get my ass in gear!!! You told me in November EA, and I keep waiting and waiting and waiting but I do honestly feel sooo good about where I’m at. You were right – I wasn’t ready then, THEY weren’t ready for me, but we’re all ready now 😉 thank you sooo much, dear!! 🩷 {and yes, my dreams have been the same, thank you for validating what was going on! I kept thinking I was having more past-life dreams, but then noticed some weird differences and the people looking the same as my current life, and I was like, “waaaait a minute… could it be another timeline?!” 😂}

  3. holyyyy Elizabeth. I don’t think I have ever wanted to sleep so much in my life!! and yes I am not motivated at allll either!! yes to alll this! I have cancelled events, cancelled courses…I know what I want, that’s clear, but I also feel I don’t have the energy for any of it lol :))

  4. EA, just want to encourage you as your delivery date nears. I had my third child on Boxing Day, 1999. I was really anxious about the impending Y2K world collapse that was predicted to happen a week later … which thankfully didn’t happen in our family’s collective timeline. :). We had a beautiful home birth, and everything was wonderful! Babies choose the perfect time to be born for them, as I’m confident you and your wife believe. I am sending your family so much love! (Side note: I’m so thankful to have discovered you from your interview on Gaia with George Noory. Your videos really lift me up, especially if I’m having a tough day. ~ Fellow Canadian here, from southern Ontario 🙂

  5. Wow that was a powerful video EA! I had a dream on the 12th March this year, that I was helping people to shift/move timelines and I actually remembered this when I woke up! I used to find it difficult to remember my dreams but lately I have been remembering them. Thank you!

  6. I LOVED this video!!! This timeline stuff is incredibly fascinating … thank you so much, EA, for explaining it so beautifully. I really appreciate your wisdom and insight. 🙏💗🌟

  7. Just wanted to reiterate what I mentioned in youtube which seems to have been censored, I did notice a weird pattern just happened in my country Indonesia about the 3 oil silo blowups that just recently happened under this recent leadership of the state owned pertamina oil company, she (this leader) might have known something about this incident before the happenings!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. A practical question: what do we do with our dogs, if we can’t leave the house during the strong solar flare episode? How are you planning on handling that EA?

  9. Hello to all the beautiful Starseeds! I’m new to this amazing community.

    EA… I’m so grateful I found you! It was just the right time to discover you (as it should be!). I relate to ** everything ** I heard from you so far, all of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing work you’re doing helping us all!

    About the timelines, I started to visit multiple timelines years ago. It took me a while to figure out what those “dreams” were as I noticed there was continuity in each story. At first I didn’t even know how to call them, but when I enquired about it the concept of “timelines” came up. It seems that those visits accelerate our evolution, they are a way to literally experience multiple lifetimes in one. I do struggle sometimes to come back “here”, in one of those timelines my mum is still alive, and as I wake up and “come back here” I invariably start crying when I realise she’s not here anymore. What I mean by this is that when you’re there, YOU ARE THERE, it’s real. I believe we should make the most of each of those visits, seeing the options help us shape our choices in this timeline.

  10. Lol, girl! You can’t end it like that. Haha. Like I want more on the solar flair topic. Too much info out there that bits and pieces resignate and so much of it doesn’t. You’re the only person I’ve been resignating with this info. I have been experiencing some form of communication with other beings too and the info given to me has been a lot to swallow.

    Thank you for your content. You truly mean so much to me and wish I had you as a friend. You’ve definitely opened a lot through me. In the last 4 months, I watched everything you had on YouTube, I listened to everything you had on Spotify with your podcast, became a member and been zipping through any info I can. I’ve been eating up all of this Content like candy. Lol. Obsessed with this stuff because I truly never been so happy with myself.

    Just saying, a solar flair video would be so cool. I’m still learning your platform and learning where I go for certain things but if you read this, may I ask where to go to learn how to better communicate with the galactic federation? I feel ready to do my part. My journey in the past few years have given me enough tools to feel confident enough to tackle this. I’m an Arctarian starseed and know I can learn! I just need to find the right content you’ve created to learn how to communicate with them better and put my help out there like yourself. 🤗 again, thanks for your beautiful content. You’ve definitely impacted my life in the most beautiful way. 🙏

  11. OMG …..this Hits my inner mixed up feelings EXACTLY ! 😱 ….I’m feeling So ready to do Something ……But No idea What it is ? .Your So spot on in SO many ways ! ( and Your descriptions of “ Grid Workers” gave me Chills …..I’m pretty sure I’m one of Those ! )

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