World War 3 – 2020-2024 Psychic Predictions

  • July 2021

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In this video, Elizabeth April shares psychic predictions for the next four years in terms of physical environmental, economic, political, and spiritual shifts. They discuss possibilities such as tectonic plate shifts, flooding, crazy storms, collapses in the stock market, arrests of high-level individuals, and the potential for a trade war. They also mention a rise in refugees and the importance of not getting entangled in others energies. Elizabeth April emphasizes that while these predictions are offered, they are not guaranteed to happen.

3 thoughts on “World War 3 – 2020-2024 Psychic Predictions

  1. I just rewatched this video today – it’s so good! I was drawn to it and everything you’re saying is in total alignment with me! Thanks again EA, for always sharing your truth with the world!!! 🙏✨🌟♥️

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