What is my Mission?

  • March 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the energy of the month of March and the theme of exploring modalities and figuring out ones mission. They emphasize that knowing your mission is not necessary to complete it. They explain that everything in our reality is structured to help us complete our mission, and they discuss the two goals we sign up for when incarnating on Earth: adding value to the environment and learning. Elizabeth April suggests that learning our main lesson and understanding what fires us up can help us discover our mission. They encourage people to try different modalities and explore their own unique practice rather than limiting themselves to someone elses modality. They also advise against spending a lot of money on courses and emphasize the importance of leaving doors open for continuous exploration. Elizabeth April expresses gratitude for the community and encourages viewers to participate in the shift into the fifth dimension.

2 thoughts on “What is my Mission?

  1. Such good timing!! I’m thinking the same question lately. What to do with the abilities and gifts that seems to work through me.
    I made my own modality in a bundle of energy/body/mind/timeline/dimensional work that seems like works miracles.
    Can’t name it cause everyone I work with I create a personal session for that specific case.

    Had to quit from everywhere to follow what resonates.
    People keep telling me I have to get it out in the world.
    I live on Hawaii, I’m from Hungary so it felt like you’re talking to me directly 🤣

    Hopefully I get to the point that more people can benefit from what I can give.
    Thank you!!!

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