How Likely Is The Apocalypse?

  • June 2024

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Have you ever wondered about the likelihood of the apocalypse? Discover the true potential impact of rising sea levels, volcanic eruptions, and more. Stay informed and be prepared!

Have you ever wondered about the likelihood of the apocalypse? Discover the true potential impact of rising sea levels, volcanic eruptions, and more. Stay informed and be prepared!

42 thoughts on “How Likely Is The Apocalypse?

  1. Hi EA ๐Ÿ’— I just joined your membership today after listening to the Kate M updates. SO intriguing! This stuff is just mind blowing! I can understand why this is not released to the public. Itโ€™s too much to comprehend. I am also intrigued about preparing for a galactic/ solar wind event. I am SO not ready so when you said you would do a Creator โ€˜How Toโ€™ prepare I updated my membership from Awakener (this morning) to Creator. I can tell I am going to have hours of listening to catch up on the great content. I love what you do and know your messages come with authenticity and love. ๐Ÿ’—

    • So fascinating. I found old maps in the library of congress showing a ring of volcanoes instead of ice (ref: 178 worlds under the great dome by Nos Confundan) also old maps showing 4 rivers coming from the North Pole-a magnetic island or anchor for a spacecraft city sized (new Jerusalem) spot. From the early 1500โ€™s and before. Which leads to Agharta (inner earth.) also mentioned in revelations and about the sweet water coming up from 400 miles under the North Pole hole.( Ref: admiral Byrdโ€™s lost diary. And hollow earth.) I did have a telepathic thunderbird (wing/clawed dragon type entity with a two hollow fangs that looked like a beak from a distance) tell me he was from Agharta (inner earth but originally from the land of Etamin. (Planet Draco.) and was able to use a star gate (Xerces) to get to other circle environments /worlds (to drink blood).
      Also a blue GFL rep -Naomi- said we live on basically the outer iris of a big eye ball. The lense is the firmament (atmosphere). The pupil is the North Pole hole. The South Pole hole is the optical nerve. The land of Agharta (hollow inner earth) is the mirror image and 2nd ring of our circle environment. (Think of flipping a cd.) the inner Eath has a stationary sun. ( imagine using friction to create light like in a certz wintergreen candy and placing that reaction in a vacuum within a hollowed out crystal. The reaction makes the light spin/happen forever without anything to stop it. Cool tech. Some new maps are coming out showing this and also using planets/Astrology for calculations (shown as rings or dimensions (?)
      Naomi also said we live in the 3rd Dimension. The first dimension is a single cell floating around like under a microscope. The second dimension is Stuck together in a layer thatโ€™s flat like a piece of paper. The third dimension is layers stacked on each other. The fourth dimension is time and space or taking a point and looking in on the flat paper and understanding that thereโ€™s more to it. The fifth dimension is a creator space where anything goes in quantum physics.l and it goes from there to 10 and above.
      Also that we should imagine a rainbow that is contained in a bit of light. Now imagine us living on the slowest red band. We canโ€™t see the other colors that move faster and are squished on top of us. But they can see us and slow down enough to interact in this 3d space. Or imagine fiber optics contained in a big cable.
      Also, I ran into a soldier type and was explaining about organism 46b, blue ice thatโ€™s manufactured, underground bases with magnet bullet trains that can get to anywhere in 15 minutes, the space port, chimera govt super soldier experiments (dogmen) and this guy freaks out and asks how do I k ow about stuff that he had to sign a NDA for the rest of his life over. I told him that the info will get out if he wants it to that badly (manifesting). Also another soldier (retired) whose uncle disappeared after showing the family a hollow earth map. I personally was out of body when I talked to an alien clone who took me up in his spaceship and I saw the North Pole hole/ big earth eyeball myself. The clone (He finally named himself Norman after the general Stromin Norman) also said his ship moved through dimensions and asked me if I wanted to go through the center black hole in our galaxy. It seemed a little much, so I declined. But Norm asked me to stay quiet about the North Pole hole because โ€˜humans werenโ€™t supposed to know about it.โ€™ And I think the powers that were want us to be bickering about if the earth is flat or round. It makes their job easier. (Not both happening at the same time.) Thanks EA for all your good work! Listening to you helps trigger my own forgotten memories! Everything youโ€™ve said matches what I have experienced and tried to forget, so I wouldnโ€™t be harassed by the parasite higher D entities so much!

  2. The large solar flair will not happen. If it did, we would evolve much faster, but bring disorder on earth. So we will be hit with smaller waves of solar flairs over more time, so we are not as disrupted, and make a smoother transition to higher consciousness. Also giving the SLEEPERS more time to wake up. Lots of love.

  3. The cosmic waves is the energy from our galactic center. As we move up and down, the solar system, around the edge of the galaxy, the precession of the equinoxes, or the youga’s, is a 25,920 year cycle of us circling around the galaxy. The Golden age through thr iron age. At the end of this cycle, we enter a place in the universe and Galaxy, where we travel through very high levels of energy/ frequency. This is the winds we are experiencing. This also is where we rise in frequency and vibration into a higher state of being. Moving from 3d through 4d and some into 5d. The sun is experiencing this as well as all plants in our solar system. Our sun wrnt from yellow to white about 4 years ago. Bringing in 5d energy as well as galactic energ and the portal of Shiva in mount kalesh in china. U should remote view mt kalesh to c the amazing things happening there. Hope this helps. Lots of love.

  4. As a person who works closely with people who care for aquatic animals and marine biologists, I can tell you there is love in the water. You can find me at These people are passionate. From ponds and beyond, the earth is fine.

  5. I so much appreciate your taking the time and care to explain this. Yes, it did provide information and clarification. Also, I agree that a collective awakening is greatly needed, but a cataclysmic event definitely would result in fatalities, and the survivors would have incredible, unimaginable difficulties. Sounds like the good news is that the Galactic Federation sounds hopeful. On a completely different subject, while I have you here, was there a winner for your Creator subscribers?

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