How To Work With Plant Medicine

  • February 2024

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This video provides guidance on how to work with plant medicine, specifically cannabis and psychedelics. It emphasizes the importance of addressing personal traumas before diving into plant medicine experiences. It also suggests being in nature, choosing the right people to surround yourself with, and gradually easing into more intense plant medicine practices. The video highlights the need for intention, presence, and utilizing the senses during plant medicine journeys.

29 thoughts on “How To Work With Plant Medicine

  1. My order from most gentle to most intense would be: Mescaline cactus, LSD/LSA/2C-[X], magic mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Iboga.
    And yes, newbies should start at the gentle end, and try not to get poisoned too much. With the cactus you can extract the alkaloids using isopropyl alcohol to avoid nausea. The LSA-containing seeds can be steeped in hexane to remove the toxins (works perfectly for morning glory and rivea corymbosa, incompletely for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose). The magic mushrooms should be completely dried to deactivate the toxins.

  2. Loved this video!
    About 7-8 years ago I developed 2 cannabis shows for Netflix & Discovery Channel. One series was called ‘Master Grower’ & the 2nd was a 12 part documentary series called ‘The grassroots of revolution’ … both networks were all for it until a last minute “Government/Legality concerns” about what my content was exposing about the government & the healing properties of this plant vs. pharmaceuticals & propaganda … I have 1,000’s + interviews of families who have been helped/healed by this plant. I hope one day my content will be put to good use. This was the very beginning of my awakening (didn’t realize this at the time) about the Government system… then of course my true divine awakening in 2020.

    That being said – there’s more to the cannabis plant than I even realized then. I’m putting this here so I can circle back later —> I believe there’s a connection to CBD/THC & the human endocanabinoid (sp?) system…. there’s a link there & I believe dna activations & are also in sync w/ this info. Open to thoughts. It’s on my radar!

    Loved the shroom story – I have a similar one many years ago where a group of my friends went to go see The Wall at an old movie theater & a random guy w/ an eye patch followed us around & I kept asking if he had a parot. He did. Lol

    1. OMG that is hysterical ! It’s extra special cause I have a Pirate costume and a stuffed parrot.. It gets better….The parrot has a sensor And when it’s activated it says funny parrot things.

  3. Rythmia is the place in Costa Rica, but from what I understand you are tripping on Ayahuasca with hundreds of people. At least that’s how it was described by the girl who had visited there previously before joining our small group when we did ayahuasca here in the US. There are other options in Costa Rica as well my, that might not be as large of a group.

    When I did ayahuasca in 2022, I went with a company who has multiple locations both in the states, and in Peru. Ended up choosing a location in Florida, it was very beautiful being on a nature property with a lot of mossy wheeling willow trees and was very secluded. It was a wonderful experience, sharing it with about 10 people total including the Shaman and her assistant. Since we had such a small intimate group it was great to get to know them during the group discussions the following day as part of integration of the medicine.

  4. Loved this. Put this in your ‘pinned’ section even if you don’t have one yet, please. This was great. Very practical, fundamental knowledge. If people are watching this, their ready to embrace a higher path.
    Smoking pot in high school isn’t what it’s really about but it’s the vibration your meeting it with, and without intention. It’s not Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
    MJ as plant medicine came to me in a divine hour. Marijuana led me to God as Source. The first thing I watched was an Eckhart Tolli seminar on DVD that’d I’d ordered.
    Only for a sincere ask for help in a dark place from drinking.
    I so wish for people to find that threshold without continued suffering. And I respect each other’s path but that’s how fundamental I think this info is. ☮️💖

  5. I do practice microdosing with a coach. A Microdose is using low doses to bring about a heightened senses effect, usually about .2 mg at a time. This is usually done over a one month period three or four days on and three or four days off. The intention is to Journal, observe and discover the synchronicity and the revelations that come to you during this period of time. I use a coach because I have someone that I can talk with about my experiences, and help analyze more in depth those thoughts and get a bit different perspective . I do recommend using a coach if you want to embark on a microdosing program. Microdosing has been very good to me in my growth as a human and understanding where I have been and where I am going. It’s helped me sort out things that in the past were seemingly mysterious, but now are much clearer. it’s not THE answer, but it’s a tool that may deliver some answers.

    1. Thank you for sharing about your microdose experiences. When you wanted to do a full journey would you stop microdoses for a period of time to prepare your body for the best effects? I do both randomly but not with a coach at present. I want to become a coach down the road…

  6. I Think you’re trying to come up with the name peyote, or it’s active alkaloid, mescaline, which is a cactus that grows in the southwest and in Mexico and is used by the native Americans in ritual for thousands of years. The plant is still used in North America and western Canada for sacred religious ceremonies. The plant is a classic hallucinogen in the same class as LSD, and it does depend on the dosage which determines the overall effect that one receives when they consume the plant.

  7. Great topic and advice on how, when, why you’re choosing to use it. It’s like good trip vs. bad trip. With plants. What I love about my local my local dispensary is that they will give you something that will work for you, when you ask for advice on which type to buy. IE- . I get something that works for Anxiety and Panic attacks. I have the disorder controlled very well but certain strains can literally give me a full blown panic attack until I hit the step down point. (Kwim? ) So I miss the whole “high” point. I love edibles. They last for a few hours on a steady level, and are excellent for meditating. I completely agree with EA about the setting you’re in. Especially if it’s for the first time. I have a few “safe” people- those who I feel safe with.(my mom, my husband and my bff Kim. ) Oh, my ear started ringing- high pitched on left side. I’m left handed so I don’t know if the “meanings”of left and right are reversed Interesting But your safe person- They are mandatory when trying something for the first time.

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