Vital Message to Starseeds for 2022

  • March 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April addresses the audience, specifically addressing star seeds, and delivers an important message for 2022. Elizabeth April explains that 2022 will be a year of polarity, energy shifts, and chaos, but emphasizes that it can also be a year of infinite possibilities and opportunities. Elizabeth April urges viewers to confront their emotional baggage, trauma, and any unresolved issues that are resurfacing at this time. They discuss the importance of making tough decisions, letting go of attachments, and embracing change in order to move into a higher vibrational frequency and experience liberation. Elizabeth April also encourages viewers to reject fear and societal pressures, and instead prioritize their own growth and well-being.

3 thoughts on “Vital Message to Starseeds for 2022

    • The struggle is real… but always remember you are exactly where you need to be! β€οΈπŸ™Œ EA said in one of her videos, “It is just as important to experience the dark side as it is to experience the light”!

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