Universal Talks with Papa April

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth Aprils discuss various topics, including their visit to an alien shop in Area 51, the Nevada Triangle with its high number of disappearances, and their upcoming trip to Mount Shasta. They also delve into the concepts of blueprints and contracts in our lives, the purpose of humans in resolving chaos in the universe, and the importance of understanding our interconnectedness to different species. The conversation touches on free will, destiny, and the challenges and opportunities of being a human being on Earth.

40 thoughts on “Universal Talks with Papa April

  1. EA’s father’s voice made me hear a high pitched ringing sound. Like his voice alone made me hear it. It was likened to a high pitched OM sound. EA’s voice for me is likened to the low pitched OM sound. I just thought that was wild. It makes me think if our voice on Earth is a medium for our other voices from our other selves in other dimensions or our cosmic being’s ancestor or family lineage.

  2. Loved this video! I had a big smile on my face the whole video through listening to you and your dad. The info covered here was AWESOME!! Looking forward to watching the other videos of you and pops. Peace and Love!

  3. Amazing! Enjoyed (and profited in) every minute of this discussion. A great recap of many things we have heard before. And the family dynamic was especially meaningful!

  4. I saw the “Meet my dad 2020” video. Are there any more? I could have sworn EA said there are 4 videos with her dad but I could only find 2 of them using the search.
    They should do a regular Q&A video 3 or 4 times a year. I really love the energy they have together.

  5. Absolutely loved the conversation. I really enjoy the way you get along so well, the questions that were asked, etc. You MUST do this again. Preferably on a regular basis. Thank you, to both of you. By the way, I like your shirt.

  6. pa says factions create chaos, he is right one part is too ying the other too yang it rips the unity of humanity. white hats are not savior type but sovereignty type and ask us to be responsible the other faction’s dark side are doctrine and do what you are told the type hierarchy is the solution with those at the top enjoying power and control

  7. 2024? brighter or somber? it’s just a struggle and the universe grows in struggle anyway it’s life ! push and pull 2028 is too far not that pessimistic i think the pull is going through 2024 and choices are going forward now and 2025 is coming with better perspectives

  8. EA, you guys are spot on for Lemurian artifacts found in Mt. Shasta. Have you read the book A Hypnostists Journey to Atlantis? She speaks all about what happened to Atlantians and Lemurians and some did migrate to Mt Shasta after the fall. They say there are still people who live in the mountain.

  9. I love love love how you and your dad do this together. Warms my soul. Keep shining beautiful soul. Ur an inspiration and the kind of spiritual guide this world needs. Thank you 🫶🏻

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