Parenting A Starseed

  • March 2024

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In this video titled Parenting A Starseed, Elizabeth April discusses their top tips for parenting a child who is described as a starseed. They emphasize the importance of understanding and appreciating different parenting styles, allowing freedom for the child to make choices, leading by example, and recognizing that children can be teachers for their parents. Elizabeth April also encourages parents not to attach themselves to any particular parenting style or doctrine and to listen to their childs needs and desires. Overall, the video highlights the unique aspects of parenting a starseed child and offers insights on how to approach it.

24 thoughts on “Parenting A Starseed

  1. The part where EA talks about telling her parents about her hands made me smile. My granddaughter recked her bike, scraped her nose up and hands. She looked right at my husband and I then said, “why do we get soft bodies like this when we come down here? When you fall, it really hurts.” We said, “when you come down from where?” Her brow furled and she said, “you know, from up there!” Pointing to the sky. ❤️

  2. I loved this video! Would you ever consider making a very human video of your favorite things you have in your daily life! Example: this is my favorite candle, book, lipstick, hat etc?

  3. Spot on. I’ve been working on a similar parenting course and it’s based on intuitive parenting. So important to listen to our children and the profound things they say.

    When I was not awake, I didn’t quite understand when my son started crying about his last life, or when he said “don’t worry mummy, I’m safe. God is within me” or when he said that when he got angry and lashed out, he wasn’t present in his body, he had gone into his heart. Now I understand! 🥰 These special kids have gifts that need to be understood and nurtured, with love, safety and freedom.

    The Conversations with God book series has a fab parenting book with many amazing life lessons in to empower these kids. I’m excited for our future generations with conscious parents waking up!

    Thanks EA – I can’t wait to see more on this topic 👏🏼💕

  4. Hi!! What a great video!! ❤️ I’ve got 3 star babies and all of them are so unique it’s insane! I had a question.. I think it would actually make a really good video… so my youngest (Bridie) is 5 and special needs. She has a very rare (16 kids universally) gene deletion syndrome Xq27.3q28… on the webpage for information and donations they call them XqCuties because it doesn’t even have a name yet. This has caused mainly a significant learning delay (at 5 years but mentally she is about 1 and the size of a 2 year old) and Autism… she is almost totally non verbal and not able to be independent in anything yet.. but she is so empathic, she knows when people need her.. she has brought so much light and love into our home.. she is so loving and she brings people together she just shines!!!! I’ve watched a few shows on children with autism from a spiritual standpoint but I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the subject! My husband is always amazed cause she is my person and I am hers.. it almost feels like we can communicate on a mental level.. I know we chose each other and she has such purpose, is there a bigger plan for all these amazing lil beings that we are being gifted with??? Other than just changing our family lives for the better??? With Light and love, Katie

  5. Great video Elizabeth and I am 60 and have brought 3 star seed children with the techniques you were talking about. We are miracles of amazing energies of experience and existence ❤️🦋I love my children and grateful to be given the opportunity to teach and to learn from them. 100% +++ agree we are helping them become human loving kind souls❤️❤️❤️ sending vibrations for this video to get seen by all those who need to see and hear the information! Love and light to all 🦋🦋Thank you Elizabeth ❤️🥰

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