To Label Or Not To Label Podcast

  • June 2024

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Uncover the power of shedding labels and opening the door to limitless opportunities from the universe. Ready to reclaim your power?

Uncover the power of shedding labels and opening the door to limitless opportunities from the universe. Ready to reclaim your power?

54 thoughts on “To Label Or Not To Label Podcast

  1. I’ve wondered a lot of the same things and our current culture does not allow dialogue because quickly get labeled as anti. The accusations create defense and the cycle continues. This is why language is so limiting. People label and categorize out of fear. It’s for belonging and safety with our limited senses as humans. The evolution is less words needed and more telepathic senses to just know the true nature.

  2. Ha ha! I posted the comment below before I finished listening to this podcast. Here’s an addition after I listened to the whole thing. I AGREE.
    Since I was a little child, I knew I was from elsewhere… I knew I was here to facilitate the awakening. I have been learning to adapt to all this human adventure. Not fitting, rebelling, non-conforming… playing this VR game of earthly life.
    At some point I thought I was reincarnated Rumi… I KNOW I am a catalyst for awakening, whatever the F it means.
    If I am to identify mySelf, I’d say I’m An Awakener. Open to everything and attached to nothing. That’s all.

  3. You make perfect sense – stop apologizing- it’s part of the woke agenda to separate us, divide us and be able to be victimized. Oh you called me the wrong pronoun!!!! The worlds goons end!😝. Very well said.❤️

  4. I loved when Alok said in. “Gender Bender” comedy special on Netflix: “My pronouns are: he he ha ha…”.
    I feel the same about labels. What you think of me, a.k.a. how you see me and you want to call me, is none of my business.
    I Am That I Am.
    In love and grace,
    Ewa Zender

  5. Thank you, EA. This was an enlightening and inspiring video. “I am a student of the Universe and a teacher of its knowledge.” What a great description of our mission in this life. I believe it is our duty to give back everything we learn in life. By doing this, we take this knowledge into our consciousness, infuse it with our own God self, and deliver it back to the world with additional perspective. At the same time, we gain a greater understanding of the truth and meaning of what we teach. This ongoing process evolves as we do in our earthly contract as humans.

    As a student of Aikido for more than thirty-five years, it was incumbent upon me to teach what I learned to other students in order to grow myself. But to do so, I had to constantly and diligently train in the movements and techniques and teach them to other students while refining my understanding of how I interpreted and applied them given the circumstances of who I was as a person in the situation. I realized early on -I had to give back to others to grow as a student. That process never ends. Even though I have attained a high rank in the art, I still consider myself a student. I loved to train, and age has moved in to change my ability to engage physically. But the knowledge from this life of being a student of the art has been a humble blessing in this life. I try to apply this training to all I do in my life. Labels and rank aren’t important, it’s not about how good you become at it, it’s about understanding the purpose of why you’re doing it.

    Knowledge does not belong to anyone; it belongs to everyone. As a student, I aim to share and freely give what I have learned back to the Universe. In order for God to realize Its creation, It
    needs to experience it wherever and whenever It can. Likewise, “I am a student of the Universe and a teacher of its knowledge.”

  6. I totally get your dilemma. I haven’t drawn it all out as eloquently as you have, butI get it. I just can’t get drawn into debating what is “not really trivial”,, but for me exhausting. I am 73 and I have gone through all you are going over. I don’t care about label, and the discussion around it triggers me too. I just don’t even want to participate in such conversations. I love your honest and raw discussions EA!! ❤️

  7. Thanks for sharing these insights on this topic. I feel that identity is a very person-specific and personal thing. I don’t mind being asked about my identity. It shows me that the person with whom I am interacting has an interest learning more about me, the unique person that I am. I appreciate when people ask those questions because it also gives me an opportunity to learn more about them. The important thing is to respect how it is that people choose to identify and not judge them for the labels (i.e., the identity) that they choose for themselves. And if you choose no labels for yourself as your identity, then that’s an amazing thing to know about someone and it will get people to think about the labels they themselves have chosen. My 2 cents.

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