TRIGGER WARNING!! Rewriting Karma

  • July 2021

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In this video, the creator discusses the concept of past life imprinting and its implications for karma and spiritual growth. They explain the differences between organic past lifetimes and imprinted ones, highlighting that imprinted lifetimes do not create karma and provide knowledge without the need for experience. However, they caution that believing in imprinted lifetimes can still create perceived karma. The creator suggests that by understanding the possibility of imprinting, individuals can potentially release themselves from karmic debt. They end the video by inviting viewers to join a live Q&A event and encouraging them to share the video.

4 thoughts on “TRIGGER WARNING!! Rewriting Karma

  1. Makes sense. Complex, yes, but it makes sense. Sounds crazy to think serial killers can wipe their karma by believing they only imprinted those lives and never have to experience lifetimes with negativity to pay back that karma. But, I guess, serial killers wouldn’t be awake enough to acknowledge that and clear their karma?

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