How to Best Support Your Starseed Child

  • March 2024

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In this video titled How to Best Support Your Starseed Child, Elizabeth April discusses various ways to spiritually assist and support a starseed child. They emphasize the importance of asking questions, being honest, and engaging in meaningful conversations with the child. Elizabeth April also suggests creating routines, appreciating and expressing gratitude, limiting toy options, prioritizing experiences over material rewards, and being present without distractions. The video ends with a reminder to parent in a way that resonates with oneself and to consider the suggestions given.

36 thoughts on “How to Best Support Your Starseed Child

  1. You know what’s hilarious? I always was honest about Santa (for the same reasons as you that I wanted my kids to believe in what’s ACTUALLY out there that seems unbelievable). We still made it fun like, this is a super fun pretend game our culture loves to play at Christmas!…ANYWAY – my kids get to school and the other kids and preschool teachers convinced my kids that Santa was real. So for awhile they thought I was lying! lol

  2. She wasn’t religious she asked if we could name him after the dude who played on that show nip tuck. Same guy who played a demon on the show charmed in the 90s.dr. doom in the first 2 fantastic 4 movies.jessica alba played invisible girl

  3. You got my vote for mother of the year.That might just be the most amazing thing I’ve heard.Bodhi will always be in good loving hands with you and Nat.he will learn how to tap into his instincts and more,with confidence minus arrogance,most likely never need to Google anything he will be able access information without it.ages children absorb the most can start within a month or 2 to 7 could be 10 years. All this depends. My sister played classical music for my nephew while he was in the ex wife did that alittle with Christian

  4. Strawberries ,watermelon,blueberries,most fruit really I will go to town on lol.rather that than junk food as dessert.sometimes I will get that mixed fruit drink called naked.Funniest one is the green one that looks like swamp water but definitely doesn’t taste like it

  5. Perfect son told me a dream he recently had. He was 50 feet tall sitting on a thrown with 2 giants on each side of him in robes surrounded by millions of people. Another dream he was standing in a cathedral raised his arms then the ceiling blew and he could see the entire youniverse.last one he went through a black hole ended up on a different planet.his skin was jet black with a hint of purple covered in white spots he said they looked like stars. He said these dreams made him feel like a God.

  6. My father is 83 my mother 75 they still go to catholic church.they are so stubborn if I told them I was an annunaki alien in a past life,they would laugh and would say I was batshit crazy and my comeback would be something like hey I’m not batman lol.they have always been democrats while my sister and here husband are republican.parents watch the 10 commandments with Charlton Heston every year during Easter

    1. You can check EA’s video regarding the traits and challenges of raising old soul, star seed, and cosmic children. It covers topics such as anxiety, depression, extreme sensitivity, psychic attacks, and the importance of freedom and listening to children. Elizabeth April also shares personal experiences and offers advice on how to support and understand these unique children:

  7. For Santa I would say to the children that it’s tradition to dress up like Santa Claus and give away presents, and not pretend like it’s real.
    This way you can keep the tradition without deceiving.

    I agree on treating children like adults, when it comes to respect and explaining things 🙂

  8. Thoughtful. Presence. Creating memories. So good.

    About Santa Claus, I was P.Oed when I was 8 and learned from older kids at school that “he” was my parents. I wanted to continue to believe in magic of Christmas.I had to confess to my parents b/c I didn’t want to lie to them, that I knew their secret. Besides I’m terrible at pretending. That’s when I realized that I had to discern for myself the truth of this world. Why would adults lie to children? Well, we were all being conditioned to accept lies as truth. This coincided with the knowledge that my great grandpa had bestowed upon me about the Native Americans and what school was trying to teach me. I believed my grandpa over the textbook.

    As a parent, I made it our Christmas “Tradition” to spend the day together skiing/snowboarding in which I treasure more than any gift. My youngest is now 16 and he, being cognitively delayed, not only believes that Santa and Mrs. Claus are real, but he often “prays” to Santa. He wakes up nearly every day asking where Santa is, and I have learned it is easiest to say “The North Pole” for it confuses him to say otherwise, unless it is Christmas of course.

  9. Love u sooo much. U r amazing and trying sooooo hard to do wats best. More than most. Keep up the amazing work and never give up. Meany blessings. U have excellerated me to the next level, along with Alex ferrari, haha. Cant wait for more content. Lots of love. Ur the best. Kevin, star seed and galactic federation of light member, and i beleave, a jedi.

    1. EA please see this!!! What’s happening April 8th other than eclipse? Schools are closing claiming state of emergency. Can you please channel this. I’d like enough time to prepare and protect my family. Thanks love and light may this reach you for the highest good

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