Members Coaching Call: Taking Control, Loving Your Human, Health & Self-Healing, Rework Your Reality ++

  • February 2024

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Hungry for genuine in-person community connections & incredible activations? 😍 Join EA live this April!

In this video, Awakeners & Creators of the Cosmic Society ask EA questions about: Radical Responsibility, Taking control of your own frequency, Soul Journey and Spiritual Business, Neutrality, Health and Self-healing + so much more!!!

35 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Taking Control, Loving Your Human, Health & Self-Healing, Rework Your Reality ++

  1. My first Coaching call was on the 18th and I was super fortunate to be read by EA. I was so affected by listening to other member’s readings as well in conjunction with the comments/ support. This call on the 22nd also really got me in the ‘feels’ as to the turmoil and uncertainty of change in marital/family dynamics/upheaval. Or with having a partner that is willing to take this walk with you and to trust each other’s interpretation of reality. There is so much to learn from each reading.
    Elizabeth, I hope you are receiving decent self care. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself but if you are not aligned to do your scheduled video at the time….then fuck it, do it on another day. Again, just a lone opinion blowing in the wind. – Renée /Palo Santo

  2. Yesterday was another year. Was it really that long ago? Or did it just last that long? Oh yeah that hopping back-n-forth all day should sum it up. I should be exhausted yet I barely slept. I am pumped to take this singing bowl I have been learning out to bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan. That you all for another fantastic coaching call.

  3. My 2024 is going a little slow, lack of motivation, but I also lost my gramps who was like my dad on the 2nd which is weird because it’s the 22nd on this video. The 2’s keep popping up a lot in my moms and mines life. Which I don’t know if it’s him connected with the 2s now but 2024 has been a little rocky. All though I know he’s still here, I’ve never “mourned” anyone and I don’t feel it’s right to start now. Love you EA thank you for always helping me feel heard

  4. This was beautiful 😍 I haven’t joined a call live in quite some time and had forgotten the powerful energy of this community that dances beside EAs channeling and personality. This space is so lovely, so comforting and supportive. I cry from the simple beauty of being live with such beautiful humans from across the earth. Everyone is truly invested in the healing and expansion of the self AND of our brothers and sisters. This community is so empowering. A place where new earth teachers come to be activated for their mission. It is a beautiful time to be alive. I love you all❤️

    1. I haven’t watched a coaching call in a while and I did yesterday and now today I am back for more because it was sooo powerful! EA is like a big sis that is comforting all of us on our ascension journeys. And her channel brings all of us alike minded humans together to share a space and hold space for one another. Its so beautiful

  5. Something is about to happen with the economy. The new world order is on it way. The US is about to drop the dollar and crash the economy. The digital dollar is on it’s way.

    I love in San Antonio Texas and we had a few small earthquakes last week. We have had a few small ones over the years but last week was probably the strongest at 4.7 magnitude. Of course they are blaming the oil rigs but I don’t believe this, the NWO is playing with the weather.

    I hope everyone stays safe out there 🌼💛✨

  6. Missed the live version
    I used to find it hilarious and affirmations when I would have tech issues trying to join a zoom with you or a coaching call or something as simple as typing a comment. The energy is freakin strong. But today I had enough 🤣. All I wanted to do all month was be uplifted by joining listening and participating in the EA community live and I’ve had so many tech issues. None of which were explainable, except in the 5D language. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    is what it is
    It never lasts long
    Now I’ll just take a deep breath and smile and listen to the recording. Sending love ❤️ f🌻🌸🌺🌼

    1. Yaaaay! My entourage was telling me it would apply to me and the two sick people did. I’ve been chronically ill since 1984. My symptoms flared up so much in Feb and one thing after another. Just this morning looked up at the sky and said “ I would like to cancel whatever contract I had involving this illness. I am so ready to be finished with it.” It’s hard to always see the gift in it when it feels so limiting.
      During your video I began again talking to my cells and looking up and saying ‘yes,yes that’s me I need a break please. “
      Also speaking of solar flares, my horn wouldn’t stop beeping until I disconnected the battery and the two people closest to me also had electrical problems.

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