The Sad Story of Kanye, MK Ultra & The Illuminati

  • November 2022

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This video discusses the topic of MK Ultra programming and its potential involvement with Kanye West and other celebrities. Elizabeth April explains the patterns and characteristics of MK Ultra victims, the manipulation techniques used, and the potential consequences of rebelling against the system. The main message is to be aware of the distractions and focus on higher vibrations rather than getting caught up in the narratives and agendas.

14 thoughts on “The Sad Story of Kanye, MK Ultra & The Illuminati

  1. Interesting stuff. I’m curious, are you familiar with the truth regarding what happened with Charles Manson? I’d absolutely love a video on that

    Regardless of your opinion on him, he’s a fascinating person. I did a deep dive on him a few years ago and watched tons of his interviews and it blew my mind.

    A book came out last year about Manson by a journalist named Tom Oniell which basically blew up the narrative that the public was sold and bought but didn’t provide any answers. He reached a lot of dead ends and plenty of Hollywood ppl of the era refused to talk with him. Those that did, wouldn’t go past a certain point. Seems like there are people in the know that won’t give any answers…. It’s all very interesting to me

    Anyway, Charles Manson: probable MK Ultra victim. Also a profoundly fascinating person. I highly recommend watching interviews with him

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, that was seriously perfect, you did absolutely the right thing by making a Kanye video because you drew in the right type of person who needed to hear that message. ❤️

  3. Wow Thanks EA!
    Mac Miller immediately came to mind …and That totally explains the Lex Fridman interview with Kanye that left me dumbfounded at his comments and behavior….a great example also of why we should be more compassionate and not be so quick to judge others…ya never really know what is really going on inside someone’s world…
    I agree it’s beneficial to have the awareness that this stuff is happening, and if its not effecting us on a personal level, its a good idea to note these things as “interesting” and stay focused on the harmonious new world we are pioneering.. Thank you Elizabeth !!

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