The Magical World of Shasta’s Fairies

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April and their Poppy discuss their visit to McLeod Falls in Mount Shasta, California. They mention the history of the indigenous tribe, the Wintu, and the presence of a fairy spirit on the land. The fairy spirit shares information about the departure of the tribe due to changes in resources and their positive perception of tourists visiting the area. Elizabeth April asks the fairy about her choice to stay and her role in maintaining balance between beings. The fairy also talks about other elemental beings, tree spirits, and Mount Shasta as a gateway to other realms. She mentions past negative beings accessing the portal but says that now higher vibrational beings are taking over sacred sites for the benefit of humanity.

51 thoughts on “The Magical World of Shasta’s Fairies

  1. This was really fascinating , thank you EA ! I have always wanted to visit Shasta, but haven’t made it there yet. Cool synchronicity- I was in the forrest today, and think I saw fairies / elemental winged beings for the first time. I asked for a confirmation and then found this . ✨🧚🏽🧚🏻‍♀️✨🙏💛

  2. The feminine energy in the mountain could that be Mother Gaia? And when she says there is a lot missed is she referring to baby Gaia stepping in to take over with her energy? That was kinda where my mind went curious what others felt or thought?

  3. Ive been having a bit of a rough day and seeing EA and the amazing Papa April is exactly what I needed. Thank you for filming all this content for us EA its amazing, I love how its a little more unpredictable than usual its refreshing and interesting

  4. Through Kelly Kolodney, Archangel Raphael has offered many activations where we were guided into Mt Shasta through the top, and down into Telos via our merkaba. They have usually included Saint Germain, Lady Portia, and the violet flame.

  5. I’ve been seeing these pink dots since I was a kid and after watching this, maybe it was fairies. That would be so cool! Love these videos with you and your pops! 😍

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