The Divine Feminine SHIFT

  • March 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the shift happening in the divine feminine and masculine energies. They explain that the shift is not limited to gender, as everyone has both masculine and feminine traits. The video explores the release of sexual trauma and the need for healing in both men and women. It also touches on the redefining of gender norms and the importance of being a whole individual in relationships. Elizabeth April emphasizes the ongoing nature of trauma work and the significance of emotional releases and completing past wrongs. They also mention the impact of fear and manipulation on sexuality and the potential for connection to source through pure, guilt-free expression. The video concludes by highlighting the importance of therapy and self-reflection, as well as the need for balance between light and dark energies.

2 thoughts on “The Divine Feminine SHIFT

  1. The youniverse answered! It is awesome! Feeling, knowing, seeing the difference between the ying and the yang, is the grey area. P.S. From my perspective I see a wolf. My son asked where was his wolf suit, pointing to you. Maybe, it’s an Ewok.

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