The Character, The Player, The Programmer

  • October 2021

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In this video titled The Character, The Player, The Programmer, Elizabeth April discusses different ways of experiencing and interacting with reality. She introduces three levels: the character, the player, and the programmer. The character level is when we see ourselves as individuals living in a virtual world, like characters in a game. The player level is when we step back and recognize that there is more to ourselves and our reality. The programmer level is the ultimate goal, where we become conscious creators of our reality. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of belief and intention in programming our reality and encourages viewers to take responsibility for their choices and beliefs. She highlights the power of becoming the programmer and the unlimited potential it brings. She also discusses the impact of external beliefs and the importance of focusing on infinite possibilities.

6 thoughts on “The Character, The Player, The Programmer

  1. Since a little girl before I ever knew spirituality I always said life is a “game” with “levels”. I was much smarter than I thought ahahah ThankYOU EA, as always <3 🙂

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