Members Coaching Call: Cosmic Direction, Old Soul vs New Soul, Activating Your Mission, Regeneration ++

  • March 2024

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In this video, Awakeners & Creators of the Cosmic Society dive into topics like: Cosmic Direction, Old Soul vs New Soul, Activating Your Mission, Regeneration & so much more!!

54 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Cosmic Direction, Old Soul vs New Soul, Activating Your Mission, Regeneration ++

  1. Hey everyone, it’s Zoë (regeneration). I just want to express my deep gratitude…

    It’s funny – I tried to leave a message right after the video got posted but it didn’t go through – I think I needed time to integrate that session – that was a straight up clearing!! And exactly the *boost I needed to kick me back into a higher timeline.

    EA, words are not gonna cover the level of gratitude I have for you so I hope you can feel it! Your service to this planet, to humanity and to this community is just beautiful. Thank you so much for your BEing.

    This is such a kind and supportive community – I could feel you – and I’m so grateful to be here with you.

    I noticed your supportive messages and some of you offering to connect in the chat, but I lost the chat when my connection dropped. I’d love to connect – if any of you read this, please pm me. <3

  2. I’ve had the privilege of joining 3 Coaching calls since becoming an Awakener in February, and fortunate enough to be read by Elizabeth on my first CC session. MIND BLOWING is an understatement. And with every person EA reads for, it gives me a different perspective but also finding similar threads to apply to the micro and macro issues. Thank you to every person that opens up their heart and allows for vulnerability, and being real- no pretenses. It is the community i’ve been looking for as it can be really isolated when so many around you are clinging to old earth paradigms and you are ready to pack your bags for the unknown. I look forward to every CC to come, there is SO MUCH to learn! -Renee

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  4. Well EA, I had a reading with you and you told me some of the same things I hear you say here. I guess I didn’t totally get that I had done the work and that now it was time to relax and not worry. I have been so focused on filling my healing space. I have been worried that it isn’t happening, now I know just to relax and just not worry so much about it. I am so grateful for you! I am going to shift my energy and not obsess so much about it. Thank you! Albert

  5. This was insane. Every single one hit for me, with Zoe’s relatability the perfect last piece of the puzzle. Then the group reading at the end – I actually need to go back and listen to it again bc it’s info I needed to hear. Gratitude x100

  6. Great video goes along with the growth as listening is a huge part of growing . I totally get it and it’s hitting hard,. Thanks so much EA missed the live version as been a very busy and exhausting couple of months . Needed some rest but definitely thinking about this awesome community you all keep inspiring me and the energy to keep going ❤️❤️Love and light to all ❤️❤️

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