How To Recognize A Reptilian Shapeshifter

  • January 2024

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In this video, Elizabeth April shares their perspective on recognizing reptilian shapeshifters. They discuss physical traits such as high cheekbones, unique eye characteristics, and sharp eyebrows. Elizabeth April also mentions potential signs like unusual blinking patterns and long tongues. They describe the manipulative and controlling behavior of reptilian shapeshifters and emphasize the importance of trusting intuition. The video ends with a message to viewers who may be in a relationship with a reptilian shapeshifter, encouraging them to get out of it.

58 thoughts on “How To Recognize A Reptilian Shapeshifter

  1. You mention their eyes will change. The imagery you use is of course, the slit pupil or the clear film/lid will blink. What about when the eye is all black? I’ve seen that before a couple of times. I’m just really curious what THAT means.

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