Membership Update

  • February 2024

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✨ Check out the unreleased Q&A from our cosmic archives to replace today’s Coaching Call: CLICK HERE

Awakeners & Creators! It’s with a heavy heart that I share this news. Today’s coaching call is canceled. But fear not, I won’t leave you empty-handed. Join me as I reflect on my decision and show you that you are not alone. Thank you for your understanding.

251 thoughts on “Membership Update

    1. You have to take care of yourself before u can do anything for someone else! Your a young mother which is a lot! Emotionally Spiritually physically! Don’t be sorry! U have done so much for everyone!
      U are human! Special human!

    2. There are so intensive times nowadays, it’s fascinating, related to ego death, truth, meaning of life – it’s never been like that on my this incarnation!
      So, Eli, let it flows 🙂

    1. You couldn’t possibly let us down. You juggle so much and although you mostly appear super human, your human needs downtime. You need rest and time away from tending to the energy of others. You give up your body and mind to us. All the love and patience is yours! You deserve it. 💜

      1. We love you EA and we understand. We always want you to fill up your cup first. Take all the breaks you need ❤️❤️ your family should be first priority always and we all are supporting you with all the energy you need 💜

    1. Sending & Surrounding you with lots of Love & Hugs Sweetie ~ Remembering you are human , its all good ~ and You can come hang with me in beautiful Colorado Springs on 8 acres in the Black forest anytime, I wish you were knocking at our door ,right now ! I’m serious ;}~ stare out the great room windows at Pikes Peak over the tree tops and rejuvenate . I Love you so much ~Deniece~

  1. Dear EA, take good care of yourself and remember that doing this today is showing up for you and for us in a different way. Well done for choosing to do what you need.
    I always feel that you are so so generous with the content of this membership, we get a lot for what we pay. And there’s such an abundance of content that we can be “entertained” for many years 😉😂😍
    Sending much love and blessings xxx

  2. You are not letting us down at all. Your the most important teacher I’ve ever learned from, you taught me some of the most important things I’ll ever learn in this life time. I appreciate you so much in a level that words cannot explain.I know I’m not the only one that feels that way! Your vulnerability is beautiful.Get your rest. ✌ ♥-kayla

  3. I so understand and resonate with how you are feeling today. The energy has been so heavy this weekend. I passed out on Friday afternoon…meant to take a short nap but slept all afternoon & all night too. And have been absolutely useless this weekend….feeling depressed & anxious like the weight of the world is weighing me down. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone, and I hope you get the rest and recalibration that your human is calling out for right now. Lots of Love <3

  4. No worries, Elizabeth. Synchronicity can be incredible. You said things worked out synchronistically so your Mom could watch Bodhi and you could take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing about giving and receiving. I appreciate you sharing this side of yourself. Thank you for everything you do.

  5. Sending you infinite unconditional love and Aloha from Maui 🙌💝🌈 So grateful you are taking this time to honor yourself and embody your teachings.Your are an amazing mirror for humanity. Mahalo nui loa for all that you do and all that you are. 🙌💝🌈🐬🐋🦋 upgrades are needed you’ll be better then ever soon. Love you infinitely 💜💜💜🌀🌀🌀🦄🦄🦄

  6. So glad you’re taking the time for yourself! I’m actually glad I didn’t miss it today, as my whole family & myself are sick too. Guess we’re all getting upgrades! Sending love to you EA & all the starseeds!!

  7. Thank you for being vulnerable. And thank you for the message to receive. It’s spot on for me right now. We all love you here and don’t want you to ever feel bad for taking the time for you when you need it. You do sooooooo much for every single person on here. (And that’s a lot of people !!!) Get better soon. Sending you healing energy and love. XX

  8. Thank you so fucking much for being a good example and saying no when you know you need to! This is amazing and much needed! We all need to do this and by seeing someone I look upto do it maybe I can learn to do it as well!!! You effin rock EA!!

  9. Sending you so much love. Please put on your own oxygen mask. We will be here. You are not letting anyone down. I’m autoimmune & have Long Covid & I had to learn how to pace myself emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually and any human being can go through burnout at anytime. You are human, sleep and fill your cup. Love u. Your Vulnerability is your strength. We have all experienced this especially as sensitive souls.

  10. Sending you loving energy Elizabeth. You can only do so much. Like I say to anyone I talk to if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t be good for you and how can you do anything for anyone else . We all need us time . Much love thank you for all that you do.

  11. EA, please don’t stress yourself out. We all go through those moments where we run out of energy and have to pull back to get ourselves back to normal. Take whatever time you need to be well. Blessings to you and your family. Hang in there. Love you!

  12. Thank you EA, so so much for being valuable with us. I appreciate you and your work and support for community. Get rest and take care of yourself .
    Sending you love 💚💚💚💚💚🙏🏽

  13. We’re all shedding so much old energy right now. Take all the time you need. Rest. Know you are loved and appreciated & we’re not going anywhere. You hold so much space for us with these coaching calls, workshops & videos. It’s time for us to hold space for you. We love you, EA! ❤️

  14. I feel you hun! I am exactly the same way – I’ll keep on showing up for others in go, go, go mode, regardless of how low energy I feel until my body/immune system finally tells me it’s time to stop. Resilient to a fault haha. Good on you for honouring your needs to rest, recharge and refill your cup. Everything can wait. We appreciate you! Thank you for all you do. ❤️

  15. I pray you feel better… know we are all hold a space for you to heal. You will have a breakthrough likely for your expo gig and that was why this happened. At least, that is the kinda stuff that tends to happen to me. Bless you, and all the light you give to so many. peace

  16. Omg I totally understand feeling burnt out after having a kid. You are way more productive than I was at your kids age. My girl is 2.5 years now and I’m just finally feeling like I am catching up on sleep and me time. You never disappoint or let us down. Take time for yourself!! Recharge.

  17. You show up every time with such ease and grace. Working, being a parent, and a partner living with daily duties can be a lot on its own. You are doing a great job, and you are still human. I am glad you are learning the lesson that you have to come first too! Rest, eat good food and we will all be waiting for you when you are ready. 💕

  18. Namaste Elizabeth. You are a precious soul and please take as much time as you need to rejuvenate and rebalance yourself. You have given much of yourself to all of us and it is now time to give back to yourself. Sending the White Light to surround and infuse you. Namaste.

  19. Thank you for your authenticity and vulnerability!!!!!!!!! So glad you’re human as well, Beloved Starseed!!! I’m holding space for you…. ALWAYS! Sooooooooooooooo much LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  20. I cried with you and love you Soo much! You help so many ppl it’s time to nurture urself and cancel everything you need to just be, sleep and take time in meditation 🧘‍♀️. As a fellow cancer it’s so hard to say no to ppl because we liove so hard and I have such a problem in taking time for me and asking for help! I Soo appreciate you being vulnerable. Take all you need and we love you 🥰 so much !!!!! ♥️💕♥️💕♥️🥰

  21. It’s all good EA! It’s time to take care of you too. Lots of love 💜. Sounds like you’re going through a hard time, which is normal. Keep your chin up. You got this!

  22. Finding a balance between motherhood, career and self is something so many of us try to find and unfortunately have not been able to fully obtain… burnout is often a common result and it’s okay to experience. It’s okay to not be all the things all at once… you’re human and allowed to be human. It’s easy to get lost in motherhood so please take the time you need – we are not going anywhere xo

  23. Bravo for listening and how brave and beautiful of you to show up so fully here and share your journey. As a mom of young children, the amount of giving as a parent is really so massive. Even when your mom is caring for Bodhi, your mental and energetic focus on him doesn’t end. Love seeing you have the chance to creat *space* for yourself. May it bless every fiber of your bright and earnest being! ✨🙌🏽✨

  24. EA you’re doing amazing, you are a business lady, light leader and new mom and that is huge transition and you have given so much and still do give soo much !!! You’re doing great and much blessings !!! Oxox !!!

  25. You are loved and ABSOLUTELY allowed to take time for yourself. If you’d like a returned favor for all of the amazing gifts you’ve given me, I’m an EMDR trained therapist and would love to help you with your amazing progress with your learning how to receive ❤️

  26. 🥺 I empathize so much for you & will send you some love 💗& light energy 💫 You do SO much for our evolutionary growth!!! Along with taking care of a little human! That’s a lot of your energy expended!! 🙏

    I’m SUPER grateful for all the energy you put out & how much I’ve personally grown SO much from your information & connection 🙏 But putting yourself first is top priority and will always be first & foremost. Even if you had to stop making all your videos would be 💯 valid. Always take as long as you need and as many breaks you want without feeling guilty about it. We’re all in this together and our individual links must remain strong in order for the chain not to break 🤓

    Selfishly self caring is #1 priority for you & for all of us. Don’t ever feel guilty & mad respect for your authenticity 🥰

    P.s. I personally have been on energetic emotionally drained struggle bus waiting for something to give. Trying so hard to stay grounded, positive, to keep pushing forward, trusting it’s all for some grand turnaround. Walking the thinnest tight rope hoping it’s not going to give way because I’m not sure how much more I can take of this ultimate challenge 🤦
    I think a lot of us are going through it, it seems. So know that you’re not alone.

    You’re the lil mighty super hero in my story. We will all be here when your ready & whatever it takes to find your happy balance & inner peace of all the levels of your world 😌💓

    As you say,
    👋Bye for now 😁
    Big Ass 🤗!!

  27. Dearest EA,

    We will be ok! Don’t worry about all of us, you’re most certainly not letting us down by any means. Just take care of yourself. I have often thought wow, how exhausting her life must be and how does she do it?? You give SO MUCH of yourself!

    I hope you find ways to cut back on the professional workload and increase the personal life quality so you can have the balance you need. You’ve worked so hard already to lay the groundwork for getting the information out to the ones who need to hear it. Because you have so many videos out there already (so, so many!), maybe just take the time now to allow all that work you’ve already done to reverberate without the need for so much new stuff.

    Sending you love and a hug. Rest and feel better soon. <3

  28. Ugh! I just wanted to hug you. I’ve been there! It’s so hard to keep going when you know deep down you have to show yourself love when you’ve emptied your own cup by giving love to others. Take your rest! We will miss you but we know you’re there when you’re ready to come back! Take that time so you can come back to us and kick some cosmic ass lol You are very much cherished and loved here!

  29. Dear EA,
    I so feel u… it’s an important reminder and I appreciate it from the heart! Your community reflects you, so think about how you‘d react to sbd being in that situation ♥️
    I really wondered the last months how easy you handeled everything (I guess that it is mostly like this like „in flow“ but you seemed so sporless perfect so thank u for that reminder…) I am the same charakter type and I struggeled a lot more with my first child and everything and even with my second it was a wonderful first year, but it takes energy (the first years especially… of course every day is different and there is so much beauty and learning and slowing down but it‘s multilayered and co-creating and so on…)
    And the time quality is showing everything these days, I started to microdose Iboga 2 werks ago after a biiiig hmmm, what even was that? Everything seemed to come up from childhood trauma (I was sick, didn’t show up at work for a day (was hard for me) but then my son got sick as well and I had to say „no“ again and this somehow through me in a depression I didn’t feel for years (ending in fantasies about leaving my family cause trauma told I‘m not good enough, should work from far cause that is „all“ I can and my family is better off me…) puuhhh, that was a tough one guys… so far I really can recommend Iboga (microdosing) – I know all this stuff but this root somehow teach me that i finally feel and understand at the same time… still a way to go but I‘m beyond greatful for everything in my life including this community…
    Love you

  30. Get well soon. When I had my burn out I cried for 48 hours straight. It took me about three years to fully be myself again. So please take it slow, delegate properly and just pamper yourself. Your mission probably is getting upgraded as well, so it feels important that you show up so authentically.

  31. EA, you take all the time you need. It has been my observation (and others as well I’m sure) you have been pushing it really hard, I was actually thinking that a couple of months ago. I don’t know how you are doing every thing including being a Mommy! Don’t ever feel bad for taking time for yourself. We love you and understand you have needs too! I’ll send you some loving energy your way for you and your family! Love you and your dedication, but we love YOU and want what is best for YOU!!!

  32. EA This was a perfect coaching call with many beautiful lessons for everyone, especially about listening to your body, taking enough rest, and not feeling that you must shoulder the weight of the world; just stay in balance, bliss and be the beautiful Soul that you are, and inspiration to all, no matter what… so thank you 🙂

  33. Take care or YOU!! We all love you and want the best for you EA!! We are so grateful for all that you have done and do for us!! Sending you love and light! ♥️ Get well soon ♥️ Thank you for being vulnerable. Don’t be sorry for crying 🙏🏼🥰
    Much love ♥️♥️♥️

  34. EA please do not feel bad. Take as much time to rest and heal. You have taught us a lot and done a lot, so thank you. You shouldn’t feel obliged to give when you have already gave a lot! Please look after yourself. You deserve rest also! Love you!

  35. Sweetest girl, you do so much for us and humanity! Take your time and rest please. You are sooo strong and we are so grateful for you Angel! we need you firing on all cylinders love. Sending lots of peaceful and loving restful and rejuvenating energy to you Angel. We all couldn’t love you more! Hugs <3

  36. Your vulnerability had me in tears. You are so incredible!! Please never feel bad about taking the time you need to fill your cup. You give so much of yourself to others, it’s astounding. The fact that you still came on to explain to us what’s going on with you shows us how much you care. Being a mom is no joke either. The moment our children are born into this world EVERYTHING changes. I am already envisioning you coming back, fully energized, happy and smiling. Sending you all my love and light…xoxo

  37. Elizabeth! I have totally felt your burn out over the last few weeks! ❤️ proud of you for expressing your truth and being vulnerable. You are amazing!!! Go take care of yourself – you do so much for others!

  38. We love you, Elizabeth. It is time to take care of yourself and receive that love. Take as much time as you need. If that means cutting back for several months, it is okay.

  39. You must take care of yourself. We will be okay. We support you. Give yourself some grace, especially as a new mom. There is an adjustment and you may not be able to go at the capacity you did pre-baby and that is okay! We love you!

  40. Sending you love and light to help with your emotional rejuvenation. Don’t feel like you have let us down. We completely understand why you need to take time for yourself.
    Peace and love to you and the family!

  41. We love you, EA. And I am sending you back so much love and support. We want you to take care of yourself and to make space and time for that self-care so that you can keep being you.

  42. Oh EA. I’m so sorry you are feeling burnt out. Please take care of yourself, it can be so difficult to take care of ourselves when we are so busy and especially with a little one. So happy your mom is there to help you and let you rest. Please get well. ♥️

  43. Wow, EA❣️ the tears you cried I see as the last drops in your cup going out 🥰
    Now is your time to fill your cup again. Feel the love… What a gift you are to us all 💝

  44. So good that you’re taking this space for yourself, Elizabeth! Replenish and nourish. It’s true how we can know this and even tell other people how important self care is, while all the while not doing for ourselves. As I write this to you, I’m hearing my own message to myself, so thank you!
    Thank you too for your vulnerability and for all you do💛

  45. Good for you to recognize that and prioritize your needs. I totally have been feeling the same thing. It’s so hard to say no, to communicate needs and be vulnerable. It’s been a heavy month already. Lots of love and light 💗💗💗

  46. We love you EA! Take all the time you need to rest and heal. You are not letting us down at all. You give so much to us and humanity! I was wondering how you juggle it all! Thank you for being vulnerable and strong. This WAS a coaching call and reminder for us all to listen to ourselves. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family. Sending you much love!

    1. yep, this WAS a coaching call… and such an important one !!! 2ß24, we are switched into “GO” mode… so giving our energy to everyon e who is asking for it is not aligned with our mission. so yeah, its logical, that in beginning of that “GO”-year, we learn the lesson of asking for help, and saying no . great coaching message !!!

  47. Elizabeth, we love you! It takes a lot of courage to be so vulnerable, and sometimes our body just forces the issue. Take the time you need and let your mom take care of you. This is not the end of the world! ❤️

  48. Rest up, dear EA. We’re all being hit with this energy. Take care of yourself for much needed self-care. Sending love to you and your family! Thank you so much for your authenticity and vulnerability. ✨💜✨💜✨

  49. Hi EA, Thank you for this. Often it is hard for me to say no too. I raised 5 kids and didn’t really learn to take care of me till they were grown and honestly I am still learning! Brings me hope that parents are learning this younger and younger. sending you lots of rest, love and hugs.

    Thank you 🙂

  50. You’re emotional because you’re a human. And it’s 1000% ok to have human emotions, in fact it’s part of the experience of being a human!! The comfort of having your mom home could be why it feels like all of this is coming out all at once, our inner child feels safe around our mothers and I’m sure once Bohdi is older you’ll be that safe space for him to crumble if he needs to too ❤️ much love Elizabeth and remember it’s ok to set boundaries for yourself and care for yourself first so you can operate to the best of your ability. I took work off this week to prepare for the Expo and so glad I did, the overwhelm was real. See you at the Expo!! Hugs 💕

  51. You are so raw and vulnerable, goodness gracious!! EA, we all understand! It’s been like that these days for me too…all I’ve wanted to do is the simplest tasks and there’s been barely enough motivation to get by. I’ve also been sleeping 12-14 hrs a day. Maybe when you get charged up, you can explain to us what may be going on energetically in the world lately??? Love and light to you all and thanks for all the hard work!! Have a relaxing week💗💗💗

  52. I’ve thought OFTEN, “damn, I don’t know how she does it. She must tap into the quantum for the extra energy boosts she needs” because you’re constantly on the go!
    I’ve worked around content creation for a few years and it is
    All the planning and background execution of the stuff an audience never sees or even thinks about, really, if they don’t know. Personally I’m really happy you took this week off, you deserve it, thank you for this transmission as always. “See” you next week 🙂

  53. Love you EA! Please take all the time you need to rest, recover, rejuvenate. We will all be here when you’re ready! Please don’t feel badly!!! Your health is #1.

  54. Please take a month off, you deserve it. I don’t mind it as a creator, I’d be very happy for you to take that time and recuperate. Take care of yourself first, everyone else can wait. There is only one beautiful precious you!

    You need a break, esp as a new mom. Don’t push yourself, take the month off, don’t be a shero! Thanks for being honest and vulnerable- now take a long vacay :^)

  55. Ahh sweetie I hear and feel you, my eyes are sweaty now too by watching this 🥺 I’ve been there many times and recovering from a loooonnnngg burnout as we speak. What I’ve learned is that it’s OK not to be strong. It’s OK to be sick. And it’s OK to just.let.go.of allll the awkward, disregulated emotions that are stuck in your body right now. Be emotional! Let it be so it can find its way out. Ugly cry yourself to sleep! And don’t be sorry darling, you don’t owe us shit.. Take care of yourself and all the time that you need. Thinking about yourself is the most selflessly thing you can do right now. In my next healing session I will sent you some ❤ big time. Thank you for showing us your vulnerability, that takes balls too. love you! X

  56. Thank you for being yourself!

    We all feel overwhelm currently. The energies are crazy high – not every physical body can take this easily…
    And on top of that you’re a young mother, which comes with so many other additional responsibilities.

    What I wanted to say, you are not alone.
    And as such, how about – once you managed to get some even keel – teach about that experience.
    How did you manage to rebalance your life?
    What were the self-care steps you took (apart from sleeping)?
    How did you beat the guilt around “not showing up” (yet you actually did show up as yourself, vulnerable and all!)?
    I am sure you can help us all get over these same issues by teaching what you learnt from it!

    Thanks for being authentic!
    Don’t feel bad. Just continue to be you!

    Thanks for everything!

  57. Thank you so much for showing us the vulnerable, human side of yourself. I have such respect for what you just did because I’m going through the same thing, on a very personal level. Please take good care of yourself and give yourself grace and space to fill your mind, body and soul with whatever it is you need right now. We love you, Elizabeth, and we appreciate all of the love and support you have given us!!!

  58. 1st of all, we are a TEAM, as you know. so relax, we are all strong, grown-up beeings, we can handle that. and you are not our entertainer, you are our team member. so if one needs to recover, the rest still stands. you are not a service provider, but a team member… so we expect you to recover, not to give your last energy, and by that shredd yourself… thats wouldnt help the team. and to quote you: you said in one video, this is a master soul planet, and we (your community) handle a lot of shit, because we are so strong that we can handle it. so relax, we can. ok, that beeing said, a personal note: same here, i hit a wall out of the blue just around 2 weeks ago, and it fucks me so hard, i cant cant cant cant believe it… however, beeing synchronous with EA, that lifts me up a lot, as it indicates, there is some reason / function behind it (so far i absolutely couldnt find the reason behind it, and that made it so hard…. but now i gained more clarity for myself, even if just thinking “about asking more for help” makes my stomach want to womit :))) shiiit, that s really not the message i wanted to hear…. i am screwed.. :)) however, lets be courious about what transformation will be the result of that deep dark hole… cause as you know, very often out of the worst shit came the best stuff , right ? at least thats what i have experienced. so bottomline, take your time, your team can also be ” on mode” if you take off a month or even longer… we are not kids, we were prepared for this, keep that in mind. best wishes.

  59. EA, you have no idea what that video just did for me. It was like your “convos with fam & friends” example. I have been hearing it, seeing and feeling the signs, but not processing (or even wanting to process) any of it till I heard you in this video. Thank you for being vocal, vulnerable, and allowing all of us here the space to be that as well. Please know, that by sharing this, you did give…………just as much as you always do!
    Besides, Bodi needs mama healthy. We do too!!!
    peace, love & starseeds,

  60. Just want to say thank you for taking care of yourself first! It’s truly setting a good example, in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing you when you are feeling better. Thank you for your honesty -big huggy!!

  61. SAME! Learning to show up for MYSELF meaning slowing down and resting when my body needs to (especially with the energies coming in now that are just knocking us out and demanding to pause) is a lesson for me for 2024. Self love, filling my own cup before I can give out.

    Tbh, I am delayed with watching your content for like a year now xD I just watch the monthly message and GFL on time xD So if you need to take a year off doing just that I am all here for it and gonna stay as creator no matter what. Love you, rest and regenerate without the shame and guilt of it. Or better yet transmute that guilt to never feel it no more!

  62. EA, please take care of yourself! You are so precious to us all, and I’m not sure if you really know how much you give and how much you are loved and appreciated <3 Take all the time you need, don’t rush yourself, and ask for what you need. I’ve been through 2 strong burnouts myself and I really feel you. Sending all my love to you!

  63. EA, Please don’t fret! Rest and take the time you need. We’re not going anywhere!!! All of us Moms have been there. Speaking for myself, even with taking many months off of parental leave and not working I was still burned out and exhausted. I honestly didn’t know how you could continue sustaining the amount of content you were putting out while taking care of yourself and Bodhi. You put out more content than anyone else I follow by a landslide – amazing value for the dollar! Don’t you worry one little bit about taking a goodly amount of time off for yourself! This baby time with Bodhi will go by faster than you can imagine. Savour it. You’ve helped everyone in this community so much with your insights. It feels good for us to be able to repay you in a more heartfelt way in return. I’m very happy to continue supporting you, Nat and your staff while you take a well deserved rest. xo 🛌 🌙 ✌🏼 ❤️ 💡 🙏🏻

  64. Awwwww Elizabeth please don’t feel bad sweetheart you broke my heart awww please rest we need you rested babe. Take as much as time you need please sleep and rest we need you to rest. I have found it hard for me to rest I am a single mum with zero support literally I have zero support from anyone me and Nora all we have so I understand how difficult it is to raise a child and raises all too! 🤣🤣I love you EA please rest babe. Xxxx

  65. This message speaks for so many of us tired working Mama’s who are always relied upon and, even though you were exhausted, you still gave back. Thank you for showing up to say you couldn’t show up xoxo I’m sure we all shed a tear for you, I know I did lady! I hope you’re starting to feel more like yourself.
    BTW – have you checked out the Schuman resonance during this time? Stefan Burns on YouTube is a Starseed scientist geophysicist out of Hawaii who follows Schuman and breaks it all down for us. Based on his breakdown – you’re exhaustion fits right into the solar blasts we were getting at that time (Feb 1 – 5) and they were big.

  66. I just had a week which I don’t want to do anything, it was very hard to get up in the morning. It’s totally okay to take breaks, we all need it! Thank you EA, we all love you!

  67. EA you do SO MUCH for us!! What can we do for YOU?!! We love you and can’t believe how much you give us and we are so grateful to you. Sending you so much love and space, all the space you need 🩷

  68. ❤️Big Virtual Hugs!❤️

    You’re #1 human “job” right now is being Bodhi’s mommy. We are not your responsibility. Yes, we love listening and learning and look forward to all things EA, but we also all love you and want you to be happy and healthy and fulfilled in your life.

    I raised 9 babies while being a volunteer in church on worship teams. I said yes to everything because It made me feel important in “the kingdom” while my kids were babysitting each other. Ugh! My heart hurts thinking about it. I wish I could go back and do it all again. You’re just starting your motherhood journey. We’ll all be fine. You’ve given us the knowledge and the tools and the desire to seek out our paths.

    Love, Peace and Grace 💛

  69. This breaks my Heart that you felt so torn over needing time for yourself and to reenergize. EA, YOU ARE ALWAYS HELPING THE HUMAMS and although we are STARSEEDS you still need to take care of yourself. When I run myself down I cry and then get sick but I’m not doing that anymore. Part of our ascension is learning to care for our Avatars. I know this message is old and you had a great experience at the Conscious Life Expo but I wanted to tell you that YOU ARE LOVED MORE THEN YOU KNOW and WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WELL BEING TOO! 😉🥰😘

  70. EA- I’ve always wondered how you did it all?! I do homeschool my 2 kids… I actually have to make a schedule & carve time out for myself if not I will totally get burnt out quick!!!! I’m so emotional all the time, I find myself feeling so much better after a good cry!!! I love you & cherish your work!!!!! Hugs!!!!

  71. I think it’s absolutely beautiful for sharing your truth and knowing when you have to fill your own cup and show up for yourself. That’s the message I got. And don’t apologize for crying. Embrace your vulnerability, not that it was nice to see you cry, but it was nice to see that side of you that you’re human just like us not always the strong version of EA. You are my number one go to when I’m having a rough day and it was beautiful to see you express your “human” emotions. It lets me know you have rough days, just like I do. Sending so much love and light to you and thank you again for all you do for humanity, and for me. 👏🏻💞✨

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Are You ready For the Next Level of Spiritual Awakening?


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(Live) Scenario 1 - Logged in Seeker (Awakener and Creator Pop-Up)

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