Members Coaching Call: Finding Love, Repairing Your Human, Soul Contracts, Getting Uncomfortable ++

  • February 2024

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Awakeners & Creators of the Cosmic Society dive into topics like: Finding Love, Repairing Your Human, Soul Contracts, Getting Uncomfortable + so much more!!!

39 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Finding Love, Repairing Your Human, Soul Contracts, Getting Uncomfortable ++

  1. Yet another powerful and incredible session. You definitely have a knack for choosing guests who are mirrors for the group. All the participants and your guidance were very helpful. Thank you, Elizabeth. By the way, not there was much doubt, but the best decision was made as far as the frequency of these videos per month.

  2. Elizabeth, thank you for giving your energy to provide us such healing and insight. I feel so activated within and I harbor much less self loathing. I take your wisdom to heart and i’m going to heal myself so I can work my mission in this lifetime. Also thank you to all the lovely beings that opened their vulnerable selves, the support and lovely comments.

  3. I’m sad I was waiting to attend and fell asleep !!!! I think I get to make the one this Thursday 22.. after my reading with my medium (not EA) , spiritual day it is haha. Ill watch this now for my morning vibes before my shift tonight


  4. Wow. This was my first time here and I was half an hour late!

    It was intense. I felt overwhelmed by all of the love and acceptance comments. This is a safe place. This is home.

    EA was on my screen when her body on her right side became purple for I would guess 4 inches. I have never had that experience before. I thought it must be her aura. I had to Google what purple meant. It fit her to a T.

    Thank you everyone! I am so grateful for you EA

  5. What a great call, EA. So much of the message delivered today resonated with me. I’m sure the information was enlightening for the souls selected to hear the messages of encouragement and guidance in their journey. Thank you, and I’m happy you took the time to regenerate. Bless you.

    1. I’ve watched many, but this was one of the most poignant Coaching Calls for me. All of you … such beautiful, sweet souls! But I can mostly resonate with Renée. I felt EA could have been talking directly to me. This has given me so much hope. Thank you! ⭐💓🤗

  6. Thank you so much EA for picking me and holding the space, whilst I showed my vulnerability. Your words of wisdom helped validate what I have endured this life, your words of encouragement to keep moving forward offered me more hope and reassurance and your words of love and kindness are reciprocated hundred fold for you and your incredible gift of light and love. 🥰

    For those on the live call leaving your beautiful m, supportive comments, I was hoping to read them all after the call had finished. Unfortunately they weren’t there, so I only saw a few which popped up during the call. My heartfelt gratitude for your positive and loving comments. I love this community so thanks to you all 💕🤗🙏

    I can’t wait to get my two boys back, make the doco film ‘Beautiful Souls’ and be an advocate for mums, children and abuse victims! 🥳

    1. Sending you so much strength and love! Yes, it will be a wonderful time for celebration when your boys finally come back where they belong…with you! 💓 Best of luck! I look forward to seeing the documentary you’re making, too! 💛💚

  7. Whoever was the girl who didn’t think she was a star 🌟 seed please feel free to reach out to me.! We have some things in common and I would love chat or u can message me at, I. Been on this journey for a while and if u ever need a friend. I am here!! This is a great platform to join together and share life! What a great session ♥️ EA!!

    1. Hi Cynthia— I responded but could not find my super long winded comment :p I would love to talk and get to know you — I feel like i’ve been on an island of discovery for years and it’s isolating. After hearing Elizabeth’s reading of my records i’m just spun (in a good way!) Thanks for reaching out —Renee/PaloSanto

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