Quantum Manifestation Podcast

  • February 2024

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In this video, the creator discusses the concept of wave-particle duality in quantum physics. They explain that atoms can exist in either a wave state or a particle state, and that when we observe the reality around us, it exists in a solid, material state. However, when we are not observing, it exists in a wave state. The creator then explores how this understanding of quantum mechanics can be applied to manifesting and changing our current reality. They suggest a simple practice of closing our eyes and imagining a different state of being, allowing us to tap into the infinite possibilities that exist. Ultimately, they encourage viewers to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace the potential for change.

56 thoughts on “Quantum Manifestation Podcast

  1. There isn’t really a wave-particle duality. That’s how those people think about it who can’t accept the full implications of what quantum mechanics is telling us. Those who can’t let go of the idea that “there must be something there”. And of course those ordinary people who haven’t studied the subject and just read a bit of what the popular science authors are writing about it.
    It’s not that there is a wave there when you’re not looking at something. In fact, there is nothing there at all, and at the moment that a conscious observer makes a measurement of a certain property, the mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics is applied to determine the probabilities that he will measure the possible outcomes. The wavefunction is simply an element of this mathematical formalism. It does not represent any real substance or energy. Also, it’s not like the entire particle comes into existence when you look at it. Only the properties that you are measuring come into existence at the exact moment in which you are making the measurement. And because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, there are many pairs of properties that you cannot both measure at exactly the same time, like e.g. position and velocity.
    That’s an interesting idea, that we can manifest better while not observing something. However, it’s not like the entire world or your entire surroundings cease to exist when you close your eyes. Because when I say “observation”, I don’t mean just seeing with the eyes. I mean any interaction that affects something that we are conscious of through all our senses. If you’re not in a completely dark room, there is still light impinging on your skin. All the air molecules around you are constantly colliding with each other and bouncing off your skin. All the objects around you are constantly emitting small amounts of infrared radiation, some photons of which will be impinging on your body. And because of the non-local nature of QM, at the moment that such a photon touches your skin, many properties of the object that emitted it could become determined. We are also constantly bathed in a sea of radiofrequency radiation, cosmic radiation and radioactive rays.

  2. Thank you, EA,
    conflict, and wars could be avoided by choosing a timeline that created a different reality,
    focus on creating the outcome you want and let the universe do the rest,
    do not focus on what you are going to say and how you are going act in a conflict because then you are creating it and choosing that timeline.

  3. Let us not forget humans are not the only observers. Sol, Gaia, water, air, animals, insects, plants, trees, crystals, all matter really, has an associated consciousness on varied levels of density. All those are also observers. It has been agreed upon universally by all immortal spiritual beings (this universe anyway) what things look like on their level of density. All things exist based on their consciousness density (including gasses, light of all wavelengths, and beyond). Carry on light beings!

  4. Hi all! Just listened to this and plant-medicine video.

    Both are right on point with my partner’s 1st ever experience with magic 🍄 on Sept 25 2021 at 49 yo. I was with him and he explained how a portal opened in the ceiling and he was communicating telepathically with a higher formless being, a soul akin to Jesus. After a while, he “came back” and upon opening his eyes and walking to the bathroom , the physical environment was reconstructing itself kinda like blocks of lego snapping into place and creating the walls, floor etc … He was left with an undeniable truth that the material world’s true nature is not as we think or see it!

    Also, during this trip, an alien consciousness entered his body and was observing me with great curiosity as my partner’s body stood in front of me and gently yet mechanically moved my head. My partner said his Higher Self could sense a foreign being in his human body and it had large eyes like a grey. He asked him to leave.

    This was the acceleration of our spiritual awakening ✨ although we had each had brief moments connected to Source especially in the first few months of falling in love in Oct-Dec 2020. 💕

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