Secrets of Plutos Cave & Shasta Portals

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April explores Plutos Cave near Mount Shasta and discusses its interesting history and alleged portals. They share that the cave was formed by a lava tube and that it used to be an active hotspot for activity, with witnesses claiming to have seen people walking through the walls. However, the portals are now dormant due to accidents and a mismatch in vibrations. Elizabeth April also discusses the significance of Mount Shasta as a natural vortex and portal, and explains that it was once a refuge for Atlantean beings. They mention that there are still beings occupying the mountain and using its portals, which they plan to explore further. Overall, the video presents fascinating insights into the energetic aspects and past civilizations associated with Plutos Cave and Mount Shasta.

35 thoughts on “Secrets of Plutos Cave & Shasta Portals

  1. Love your dad. EA being like โ€žJo letโ€™s reactivate these ancient portals and ley lines which is probably why we got drawn to this place in the first place.โ€œ and he is just like so human: โ€žSounds good.โ€œ so cute ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿงก

  2. EA! I would love to get your take on Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin in Utah! Itโ€™s too said to be a portal of some sort and Iโ€™ve always found it so interesting and would love to get your opinion on it!

  3. Yes!! โ€˜The Journeyโ€™ continues! After your channeling of that cave, it Makes sense that it once was a portal & that you both were guided there to activate it! Excited to see more gridwork being done for New Earth ๐ŸŒ

  4. This was very interesting to listen to. Two nights ago I had this dream/trip where I went into a cave with my dad, and my boyfriend. We actually arrived to some mountain in Alberta, by car but certain parts of the mountain we had to walk in. As we were walking in there was Turkish stuff written on the walls and I recognized it we saw two men working there for a long time and they were just selling evil eyes on a cord necklace. I thought it was weird to just sell some traditional evil eye, felt like there were undercover of something. In MY dreams there is no right or wrong concept, in fact i don’t have random dreams, they are very connected… what was so vivid was the feeling. as I was watching this video somehow the feeling matched. I’m not sure if has to do with anything but the timing is very cool!

  5. I live on a large ranch ( separated into private parcels).. A lot of UFO activity here and one of my neighbors is very sensitive. He has found several portals here in the area. Another neighbor walks a lot and has walked through what he believes are portals. Interesting?

  6. Absolutely loved this. I guess it was no accident, as the expression goes, that you were guided to this cave. Do you think you will be activating anything? Also, I very much hope there is part 2. I would love to hear the answers to those questions. Actually, I would like to suggest you have these types of videos on a regular basis.

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