Cutting Cords & Clearing Timelines Podcast

  • May 2024

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of timelines and energetic cords. They explain that every interaction we have creates an energetic cord, and these cords can determine our future and hop us in and out of different timelines. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of cutting cords with people, situations, and things in order to maintain personal freedom and conscious awareness. They provide examples and techniques for cutting cords and offer insights into how this practice can lead to a cleaner and healthier energetic existence.

36 thoughts on “Cutting Cords & Clearing Timelines Podcast

  1. two creators HOW-TO this month… :)) awesome awesome informations…. so grateful to get all this, it gives so deep understanding of our existence / our realities…. most people even cant imagine this deepness is possible…… and we get it here “on the silver table”, as we say in germany. to understand creating timelines = creating cords, and then gaining control over the timeline to fully play out by cutting cords in the middle of the timelines time-frame….. this is so powerfull, simple, and on point. brilliant.

  2. Iโ€™m getting ready for a yard sale, having a tricky time letting go of some special possessions. This is what I needed and appreciate the directions at the end. TY โœจโ™ฅ๏ธ

  3. Oh my goodness, your last podcast at the expo conference resignated so much. The 12 year cycles. Mine 24 years. Same situation w/same person. This person is an alcoholic and she has bi-polar and hyper problems. No empathy. Narcissistic. OCD. she treats people and talks to me like I was dirt. I blew finally.
    She needs help and will not help herself. Everything is negative and she brings it on herself. Cutting the friendship with her is cutting the chord. โค๏ธ you Elizabeth, you are spot on young and beautiful soul you are.

  4. It sounds like the way “cords” is used in this podcast could also been seen as “expectations” or “predicted outcomes”? Could you also say that? I feel like if I imagine cutting cords as releasing my expectations or predicted outcomes from an event, it will make me more open to moving in a 5D reality. An example that came to mind was maybe I’d have some crazy desire to go buy a coffee. So I buy the coffee… but maybe I got the desire to buy a coffee because there was a homeless person really wanting a specialty coffee that morning that I was intended to buy the coffee for. If I hold on to my own expectations, I will horde the coffee and drink it. If I release my expectations, I allow for spontaneous acts of love to occur through my life.

    1. interesting, i thought of creating cords = creating timelines (or mini-timelines in major timelines, if the cords are really small, like a coffee cord…… your words expectations and predicted outcomes are also words, one could use as a replacement for creating timelines… so very similar thoughts…

  5. Elizabeth!! MIND >BLOWN!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ฎYou almost ALWAYS have this tendency of REMINDING ME what I ALREADY KNOW!! You just put it into palatable words that make sense to my human brain!โค๏ธ I appreciate you sharing your WISDOM once again!

  6. I found this really resonated so much as I have been feeling very low and stuck. After listening to this video I now intuitively know that this is exactly what I need to do. Cut cords with my husband and children and some of my friends as I am immersed in clogged up energy connected to them all. Thank you Elizabeth for such an insightful and beautiful message that I really needed to hear.

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