Quantum Timeline Hopping

  • January 2023

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This video is about quantum timeline hopping and how it relates to manifesting desired outcomes in our lives. Elizabeth April explains that timelines are like different paths or contracts we have in our lives, and that we have the ability to switch to a different timeline by setting intentions and focusing on the desired outcome. The video also discusses the importance of aligning our intentions with our higher contracts and being aware of signs from the universe. Elizabeth April shares a technique called the cup mechanism to help manifest a desired timeline. Overall, the video emphasizes the power of our free will to shape our reality.

12 thoughts on “Quantum Timeline Hopping

  1. so, this comment is about this download and the awakener download. i love it, i love the infos, but i want to point out some lack, so you can use this feedback to make even more complete content. you mention (in the awakener download), that 5D manifestation doesnt need any more tools. so what about a guided joe dispenza meditation, that is about to go in a frequency (in the quantum field), and just radiate that frequency? is that also a tool? and what, if i use this technique , but instead of a guided meditation, i do it freestyle meditation (no tool) ? and more important, does it manifest quicker, if radiated in quantum field in meditation??? (and a bit off topic, but i have the impression, spiritual teachers dont talk about others. that makes me wonder, because for me, the logic way would be: look, starseeds, for example, you can use guided joe dispenza manifestation meditation, but i give you some hints, to synergetically enhace the whole , f.e. by learning to quickly filter out, which timelines are not for you or, or, or so i as the student, get the best techniques from all, and even synergistically put together. that would be dope) however, next thing, there wasent a way to manifest, without visualizing. so for me, who still is very low in that practice…. kind of a big questionmark, which way to go. so a bit more info would have been great, like: if you dont get that clear pictures, dont worry, just feel the situation the best way you can. or maybe , truth is: if you cant create a real experience , than dive into that, before you start 5D manifestation. that would have been clear info.. a sentence about subliminal, and a sentence about frequencies (either frequencies in mp3, and frequencies you create inside yourself in your heart) would have been great. especially infos, which way is quickest, which takes minimum work time, which brings exactest results, and so on (if possible to say that).
    ok, that just said to give you constructive feedback. in the end, i am very grateful for all these informations, they are clear and on point, and thats a rare ability. also the infos about how to manipulate the matter was super good. especially, to understand, there is just a limited amount of energy – so thats why old must be released, to invite new. and to understand, that its about to focus on not too much things – there it would have been helpful to give info, on how much to focus – and how much would be too much. if i want to manifest 20 or 30 or more things at the same time (ok , will take some hours per day, but i mean, why not), is that too much? you know, kind of some info, so we could get a feeling, in which range that total energy is, we can work with. however, thx, and really best content out there. love it.

    • Wow I’ve been searching to show what I go threw this is it perfect but I travel thru space and pass by stars 🌟 and galaxy as fast or slow as wanting to

      Thanks for posting this ❤️
      Love & Light

  2. These January Videos (Awakener / Creator / Message for Humanity) have been much needed! Excellent work, EA. Thank you for delivering every month and helping us stay accountable to ourselves and the collective. Cheers to the Highest Aligned Railroad Track (great visual)…Timeline.

  3. A quantum thing happened when EA said Oh wierd it is 1234 on the clock about 13 minutes in I giggled and looked at my phone here on tuesday as a random video i picked to watch and it was also 1234 on my clock and the exact video i needed to move forward.

  4. Wow, this download was so poweful! It clarifies very well this topic of main contracts and main timelines! Now I can understand even better why some things I thought I wanted and manifested until 90% then didnt go through. As well as relationships :O Its incredible :O

  5. Thanks EA – this is very good to know. I did wonder why some things didn’t work out the way I was convinced they would, I thought my intuition was off but it could be because it was not aligned to my contracts!

  6. Hi EA thanks for this. When you mean looking for the highest vibration do you mean shifting into the timeline which is most aligned with our higer selves? Like the timeline in our highest good?

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