Q&A: Trigger Release, Fear, Manifestation & Fungi

  • September 2022

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In this video, the presenter holds a live Q&A session where they discuss various topics such as intense energies, body aches, manifestation, and the role of fungi in humanity. They also address questions about anger, healing triggers, and the current gas shortages and power blackouts. The presenter shares insights on the power of belief and the potential for reprogramming the mind. They also touch on the concept of placebo and its impact on health and well-being. Overall, the video provides a mix of personal experiences, channeling information, and guidance on navigating challenging times.

One thought on “Q&A: Trigger Release, Fear, Manifestation & Fungi

  1. Spiritual people can often be too quick to ascribe physical symptoms to energetic causes. But it’s important to consider the more mundane physical causes as well! Body aches can also result from toxins or metabolic products in the body, like oxalates, heavy metals, uric acid or AGEs. Or if the mitochondria aren’t working properly and you use your muscles a lot they will hurt afterwards, that is my observation but I don’t know the mechanism behind it. My body pretty much never aches any more these days, since going on a low oxalate diet and getting other aspects of my diet right (e.g. including collagen to balance the methionine:glycine ratio to have good insulin sensitivity, so insulin doesn’t rise much if I eat carbs, so the kidneys can filter out the uric acid unimpeded. The glycine in collagen is also needed to make glutathione, which prevents AGE formation.)
    Regarding belief, several years ago I still truly believed that those big salads I was eating were really good for me. Even so, they were contributing to the oxalate buildup in my body which caused a lot of health problems, and would have eventually killed me if I had continued like that. And there are even cases of people who died from acute oxalate poisoning while doing those green smoothie “cleanses”. They probably strongly believed that what they were ingesting was healthy, which may have raised its vibration, but it didn’t make the plant toxins disappear. So I’m afraid I have to disagree with EA on this topic, because there does seem to be some kind of objective reality out there that will eventually catch up with you no matter how strongly you believe something that runs contrary to it. Take another example – for a long time people used to believe that the earth was flat, but that didn’t make it become flat. Also, if you are sick because of toxins in your body or a nutrient deficiency, I doubt that you could just heal yourself by believing that you are healed. Unless your strong belief and pure source energy could disintegrate the toxins and create the missing nutrients. Well, I’ll keep my mind open to that being theoretically possible, though it seems unlikely to me.

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