Q&A: Chemtrails, 5D Memory, Holograms, Tonga Tsunami, 3D Family & 5D Jobs

  • July 2022

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In this video, the presenter answers questions on various topics including chemtrails, memory issues during awakening, hologram rooms, man-made volcanic eruptions, and future job trends. They provide insights and explanations based on their own experiences and channeling information. The presenter encourages maintaining a high vibrational frequency when in the presence of lower vibrations and suggests following ones passion when it comes to choosing a career path.

4 thoughts on “Q&A: Chemtrails, 5D Memory, Holograms, Tonga Tsunami, 3D Family & 5D Jobs

  1. Looked this up today Feb of 2024 here on EA after watching a reading on Chemtrails, it was a lot of bad chemicals/ toxins to hurt us. Greed and non humans behind it, goal was to make a lot of $$ by making us sick (depression, low energy, easy to control) causing lots of rain, blocking the sun, things can’t grow, food prices increase also big pharma benefitting but the good guys fought to have it cleared, and they are clearing it, not all places yet but getting there.

    • I just looked this one up as well. Everyday they spray… lines all over the place… I wake up, clear skies early on, then boom, more planes at it again. I’ve been sick four times this winter, this is not normal, but I won’t allow big pharma to enter my temple. I can’t wait till these bastards behind this go down.

      There were reports during the black death (the plaque) of UFOs spraying something in the skies before people got sick (sound familiar?) and we are led to believe that it was from rats.

      EA or your team, if you read this, please give us an update on the chemtrail issue. Please ask the fam to help us out. This is not good for our planet. I think of all the innocent kids going out to play, and inhaling this poison into their lungs. I ask this chemical spraying in the skies stop asap.

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