Q&A: Quantum Healing, Solar Flash, Twin Flames & The V

  • July 2022

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In this Q&A video, Elizabeth April addresses various topics such as quantum healing, solar flares, twin flames, and the V (presumably referring to the vaccine). They discuss the experiences and symptoms individuals are going through during this time of rapid advancement and offer insights and guidance. Elizabeth April also provides information about the potential effects of solar flares, the use of graphene oxide in vaccines, and the concept of twin flames. They emphasize the importance of making new choices, healing trauma, and maintaining a high vibrational state.

2 thoughts on “Q&A: Quantum Healing, Solar Flash, Twin Flames & The V

  1. You’re getting things mixed up a little. Graphene oxide is not a heavy metal, not even a metal, does not conduct electricity and thus would not be affected by electromagnetic radiation from a 5G tower.
    Some vaccines contain mercury, and it seems conceivable to me that this could have been triggering a few cases of autism in children with impaired detoxification processes. Or in those with a high oxalate body load, if it combines with that to form mercury oxalate which is highly insoluble and thus hard to detoxify. But this is very different from graphene oxide, which consists of carbon and oxygen. It’s still quite toxic though.

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