Q&A: Antarctica, Miscarriages, Mermaids, Prayer

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses various topics such as Antarctica, miscarriages, mermaids, and prayer. They share personal experiences and insights about these subjects, mentioning an underground military base in Antarctica, the decrease in mermaid populations, and the effectiveness of prayer. Elizabeth April encourages viewers to ask the Galactic Federation for assistance and invites questions from the audience.

One thought on “Q&A: Antarctica, Miscarriages, Mermaids, Prayer

  1. By appreciating that my physical body is resting and knowing my astral body does not need sleep, I am eager to remember my lucid dreams. I make voice notes before I roll out of bed about what the heck just happened in my astral world. Many experiences are just hum-drum but some are spectacular. I treasure it.

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