Q&A: 5G, Alcohol, DNA Activations, Alien Disclosure

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April addresses various topics such as 5G, alcohol, DNA activations, mental health disorders, and alien disclosure. They discuss the safety of living near 5G towers and share techniques to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies. They also talk about the effects of alcohol consumption and how it can trigger reptilian brain responses. Elizabeth April explains the signs of DNA activations, including exhaustion and lack of appetite. They clarify that ascending to the fifth dimension is not dependent on knowledge or actions, but rather on being open to change. They touch on the possibility of global cosmic disclosure and the existence of interdimensional beings on Earth. Lastly, they address mental health disorders and the role of medication, expressing a preference for natural remedies.

5 thoughts on “Q&A: 5G, Alcohol, DNA Activations, Alien Disclosure

  1. Migraine headache recently.I no longer take western meds not even ibuprofen.i put 2 fingers on my temples by lunch break it was gone. Ciatica was dealing with that for years.a few months before Last November a dr. Recommend surgery instant no, found a chiropractor he was good pain reduced alittle. Found source, my brain went to work few hiccups right after that April dr.recommonds meds again instant no right after remember hearing about frequency meditation within days mental health improved greatly now my lower back is pain free no fire in the right leg. Hope she had a successful surgery on her back if she decided to do it.if she didn’t get it I hope the same thing happens for her.

  2. Ea I’m grateful you broke free from the reptilian shapeshifter.he tried and failed. Now you have a beautiful child a like minded wife, twin flame ,soul mate.like you I want the great awakening to happen and have known about it for years. No doubt in my mind that we are all spiritually connected. Now people still in 3d need to realize.strenght in numbers. Maybe Spartacus would have won his rebellion against the Roman’s with more people.i don’t know that for sure though

  3. spot on.i know a dude drinks alot and said earlier to someone they tap into the reptilian DNA.he is a christian goes to church, good person but drinks daily I think after he gets off work. Once drunk becomes controlling mean unpleasant to be around.

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