Is Trump a lightworker?

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the polarizing nature of politics and shares their perspective on Trump, QAnon, and the illusion of reality. They encourage viewers to question mainstream media and form their own opinions, emphasizing the importance of neutrality and discerning ones own truth. Elizabeth April also highlights the need for balance and the understanding that both light and dark exist in our world.

6 thoughts on “Is Trump a lightworker?

  1. Great video and message! Really amazed at how far I have or we all have progressed in a years time. A year ago this wouldn’t have resonated with me but I would be intrigued
    enough to listen, then by December I would be writing this info down and now my awareness, comprehension of a whole bigger picture is just amazing. EA is the first person I had faith in and to guide me to what I didn’t know but knew it was out there. Thank You again EA.

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