Personal Question From EA

  • March 2024

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Seeking Guidance! Dive into my honest and vulnerable video where I open up about my internal conflict. Help me decide between reaching millions with polarizing content or playing it safe. Join the discussion and share your perspective in the comment section below. Thank you for your input!

649 thoughts on “Personal Question From EA

  1. Hey EA, why can’t you just make decisions about channeling/releasing info as the events present themselves? That way you are feeling it out. Why do you feel the need to choose one or the other direction (as if it’s black and white)? Maybe some stuff you do play it safe… and other times you let the cat out of the bag. So maybe you can have your cake and eat it too. Having your own website allows you to release the really crazy stuff away from YouTube censorship and the mass of haters. So in a way aren’t you playing it safe AND waking people up (the ones who sign up to your website content)? I really enjoy your content and truly appreciate all you do. Thank you!!!

  2. EA, you have absolutely done enough already. I don’t think any of us would want you to sacrifice your safety, your family’s safety, or your mental and emotional wellbeing. I think you are so unbelievably courageous and resilient to do what you have already done and are still doing. Please please choose to enjoy your human life, you absolutely deserve that peace, security, and joy. So grateful for all that you do. Much love x

  3. Hi EA, been a follower of your for several years now. I absolutely love and adore you and your bravery for sharing the truth with us. You have helped awaken SO many starseeds and you will continue to do so… without a doubt. If I were in your shoes and knew the potential risks to myself and my family especially.. I wouldn’t do it. You and your family deserve to have a beautiful human life too. The rest will awaken in divine timing. Love & Light

  4. Heeej beautifull youuu

    This is my perspective; it is not youre responsibility to wake up the sleeper star seed if it means putting youreselve in harmsway ..that doesnt feel like an alligment way to do things..for me it can never be about sacreficing youreselve in the proces..

    The sleep starseeds are responsible for there own awakening and should resonate towards youre content in there own time..

    It really feels( off) to put you and youre fanily in.harmsway..that makes no sence to me

    Everything is frequentie. Why not sending youre frequentie with intent into the world and if a starseeds is ready to receive youre frequentie..they can navigatie towards youre content amyway.

    For me it is the most important thing to do..being youre frequentie en bring that though you..And send it into the…they can feel youre frequentie. Consiuos or unconsiuos and that will make them navigate to youre work aswell…

    The way i feel it…is that you can still reach millions this way…but notmaking tik tok..( or something else) video’s that will atracted a lot of negative energy projecting to you.

    It will make it very hard for you to stay in youre alligment…And i dont believe that is ever the meaning of it al
    Love Angel

  5. Hi EA, I truely appreciate your transparency as your human self. We are being challenged at this particular time. We are outgrowing the old self and stepping into the new and highest self in our highest timeline. From the energy of your question it sounds like you have already answered your own question. Your value of family if first, your little one is 1 year old. Your time with your little one will never come back and you are raising our next generation. Your energy will take a great impact as to how you love your child, partner and family. If your son was older and didn’t need you as much I would say go for it, but right here right now he is not. So much is going to change in the next few years. Enjoy this time as a human. You have given us so so much. Sit in the seat and receive some of the goodies life has to offer as a human. There’s a time for everything. You are still going to bring people in and with time more and more people will awaken and will be ready to listen to you. I shared this with my nephew who is in his 30’s and he told his friends and you’re followers are going to come to you at your pace. You don’t have to do anything more at this time. Nothing wrong with playing it safe because you are protecting your family and keeping them safe. You are not responsible for anyone else awakening. Like you said there will be others who will do this other work. I may be one of them, I know this is risky business. However I have raised my kids, have a great family and also 2 grand children I visit when I can. I left my family, home to pursue my spiritual journey and mission. It has been one heck of a sacrifice for me because family has always been my priority. Stepping into your highest timeline may be being the best mama you can be at this time, which is one of the biggest jobs ever!!! Maybe just keep polarizing content inside the hub for your own pleasure and followers. Much love to you my dear, you will know what’s best.

  6. Dear Elizabeth,

    Your decision is already made ! You already know where your heart stands ! πŸ’—

    On my part, I support love, family and friendly to social medias ! πŸ™πŸ€πŸŒŸ

    On a second thought, I would also love to hear more about how we create this better New Earth !

    Being more into the creator mode than the denunciator mode, you know ? This old world is already dying anyway…

    Stepping onto creating together this New Earth would be quite exciting !!! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŒ

    Follow your heart ! πŸ’—

    All this hesitation is mental stuff and fuzz anyway.

    You can dive deeper into what we want to create publically.

    You can also dive deeper in the other stuff but only for members. That would be great as well.

    It does not matter how much people you touch but how you feel about touching one the right way for you and how deep you touch them. πŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸŒΈ

    Love you !
    Hope it helps

    Julie πŸ’—

  7. Dear Elizabeth,
    I don’t want to push it, but I got a very clear message that I love to share with you.

    “she doesn’t belong in the battle between dark and light!”
    First of all, I like to tell you that my heart flows over when I see your struggle and your cry for help, especially in the last minute of it. Some perspective: you’re the exact age of my daughter, my second child.

    Among several channellers I follow, such as Lee Carroll (Kryon), you are one of my favorites especially because of the practical advice I get from/through you (“growth” as the theme for march by example and the many messages of hope from the Pleiadians)
    I also see you opening up things that don’t want to come to light such as the events involving K M.

    And many more, however interesting, messages concerning the battle between right and wrong that bring attention to the dark. You know (better than me) the effect of paying attention to something.
    Enough for this “lesson” πŸ™‚
    When I saw your Personal Question, I got a very clear intuΓ―tive answer.* The message was “Stop it! She should stop this public approach because she doesn’t belong in the battle between dark and light! This is very important!” There was both emphasis and peace around this message. So the source of this advice was outside of me. And I believe only the polarizing content was meant here.
    In some of your messages I’ve heard you say “Don’t feed the matrix!” I also remember you telling about the studies you’ve done concerning dark agendas, shadow government and the like. I understood that at the time, you’ve decided not to start or contribute to a battle in that area.
    At 5:30 you mention “specially the crazy stuff”. My question would be, if you want to be involved in the crazy stuff, or in beautiful stuff!
    I conclude with Kryon’s lesson: “Use your heart for discernment!”

    * (I have learned and experienced that I can trust my intuΓ―tion, also through my Human Design, being a splenic Projector)

    Much love to you and to your dear ones,

    John Rots
    The Netherlands.

  8. 1. Team up with an equally powerful force in the 3D or beyond for protection to do so with ease and grace?

    2. Call in your highest/soul mission reach (to complete the mission) in the command of doing so with grace and ease (for your 3D walk+ beyond, for your family and loved ones, for everyone).

  9. Hey, EA!
    To me, it seems like you’re already waking the sleeper starseeds & will continue to do so no matter what you choose to do. The energy right now in April, 2024 feels like a lot already & maybe we’re meant to sit with it & go inward before making major decisions.

    I feel like as things unfold in this year it will become more clear what the path is. Maybe the path right now is to not know & learn to embrace the unknown in the meantime.

    As you said in a recent gfl meeting, it’s not one individual like Neo in β€œThe Matrix”. It’s all of us.

    With Love,
    Caitlin ❀️

  10. Elizabeth you are so beautiful soul. I very rarely make any post but I could not resist to share my point of view on what I have perceived from your video. It strike my attention when you talk about your struggle while I remember that a few month ago you talked about your experience on how your ego died. To me it looks like what happened to you is a perfect example of how an ego is afraid of unknown and it attempts to convince you that it will be dangerous if you switch to different time line than the one that you are already on. So it is trying to make sure that you stay on the safe(known) side for it. You have so much guidance from spirit, galaxy federation and other side of the veil that it will be OK and save to open the door to unknown. You even know what will be the outcome of your action in both timelines. You already understand that light cannot be touched by darkness and you are very bright light. They will not be able to do anything to you as long as you are not afraid of the darkness. If you were asked, if you are ready for a greater adventure, to me it means that you will be provided with all guidance, help and assistance for you to make sure that nothing happen to you. You already went through the dark side of the duality and you understand and know how to handle it. Remember that great accomplishment prevent us from reaching the greatest one. I think that you have already made the decision but you are looking for the answer for different question then you asked in the video. I think you are looking for the answer to this question: β€œwhy I choose the timeline that I have already chosen?”.
    You are loved very much. Live you dreams. You were born to do the greatest things for humanity. Everything is going to be fine.

  11. You are an inspiration, never forget that.
    The intention you put is key. I feel it’s not about reaching millions of starseeds is about them finding you.
    With haters, trolls, the powers that were, etc. there are 2 things:
    1. Make peace and appreciate the fact that they are giving precious time and energy of their life to comment your content…. That truly is an honor. Remember they come from a place of darkness and suffering that has nothing to do with you. It’s their problem if they got triggered
    2. Safety: this is very delicate and I would tell you to ask the Galactic Federation for protection if you decide to go big, bold and reach millions
    I hope this helps 😊
    Thanks for helping me see more clearly and understanding many things I already knew but I needed to remember πŸ™

  12. Elizabeth, our main goal in this life is to remember who we are on this Earth and live a life full of JOY. We are meant to help people, but with the condition that we remain in a high vibration and love ourselves first. We are the priority. If we feel safe, loved, and joyful, then we can help way more people in a much more powerful way. You have already reached so many people and had an incredible impact on those souls. I would never let that disappoint you. By putting your own life at risk, you might reach more people, but what does that do to your own wellbeing? Will you live up to your own words of living to our highest potential (meaning happiness)? I think you should follow your intuition, and I think that is to live a more comfortable life while still making an impact.

    Now in terms of content, if you do choose to let your viewership grow organically, then I would focus on releasing content that will raise the vibration of your audience. I would focus on what’s going on in the world and how we can navigate the changes and spiritually awaken. Those who discover your content because they were drawn to the lower frequency videos won’t necessarily be interested in clicking on the higher frequency ones. Spread light and it will help you bring those in need to your channel.

    I personally found your channel when I needed it most. It was as if it was brought to me by the angels, I was so grateful. But recently, I noticed the content started changing and I sadly stopped watching the most recent videos because they weren’t helping me in the midst of the turmoil taking place in my life. I found myself shuffling through old videos trying to gain more wisdom for you. What I’m trying to say is that you are so amazing for what you are doing. We appreciate you more than you know. As Bashar always says, follow the passion and your life will unfold in magical ways. If you can’t make a decision, follow the thought that excites you more. I think you want the ‘famous route’ to excite you, but I think it gives more anxiety than anything else. I would pay attention to that signal.

    Whatever you decide, I am a forever supporter! <3

  13. Been awhile since I’ve been on and listened to your topics/thoughts/life. Really love it here, need to make it a habit. To your question… watching you go back and forth, your reasoning, the outcomes etc. That’s ALL our lives every day. Difficulty and ability to handle that difficulty is the difference in each of us. You my friend already know your answer and looking for confirmation. My choice was the soft route and have many reasons as well as arguements still unresolved. I’ve incarnated 797 times and much as I want to be widely awake, I’m still walking the line. Not sure why but I’m perfectly ok with that. You, you can easily go either way and make it work. I can feel your heart and it makes me smile immensely. You will discover a way to satisfy both scenarios. Much love to you April

  14. Very tough decision to make. The timelines you saw for the future are not set in stone. So that means even the easy ride could have it’s pitfalls. We all came to Earth for the challenge that it presents to be a human. That challenge of learning and experience. You are a very powerful creator being and you can create the best possible world for you and your family no matter which path you decide to take. Continue to do what you do for protection and I believe that you and your family will always be protected.
    By thinking of all the possible negative things that can happen with becoming more well known you will create that negative world. Just keep holding the light for the best possible timeline. I would love to see you become more well known and reach more people so that way I don’t seem as crazy to my family and friends, LOL!
    Sending you Peace, Love and Light! You got this EA!

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