Overcoming Family B*llsh*t as a Starseed

  • August 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the challenges of family dynamics for Starseeds and offers advice on how to navigate them. They discuss why family can be a difficult challenge, why it is important to address family issues instead of avoiding them, and the purpose of family dynamics in clearing karma and learning lessons. Elizabeth April shares a what not to do and a what to do list for dealing with family, emphasizing the importance of doing your own healing, understanding the lessons behind the challenges, speaking your truth, seeking outside perspectives, and helping only when asked.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Family B*llsh*t as a Starseed

  1. How do you distinguish between sacrificing your time and energy and a sense of obligation? For me, it feels like those two things are the same. Every family meeting feels obligatory to me, therefore I am always on some level sacrificing my time and energy. It’s exhausting but I can’t not see them. How do I discern between times when I should choose myself?

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