Galactic Federation & The Pole Shift

  • October 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the topic of the Galactic Federation and the pole shift. They provide facts and observations about pole shifts, including their historical occurrence and potential effects. Elizabeth April also shares insights from their channeling with the Galactic Federation, addressing topics such as cosmic radiation and genetic mutations. They offer advice on living in higher ground, away from fault lines, and being prepared for potential disruptions. The video aims to inform and help viewers understand and navigate these potentially triggering topics.

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6 thoughts on “Galactic Federation & The Pole Shift

  1. Interesting – I started doing Reiki to help my horses 🐎. I consciously put a dome over our land and asked/applied the Reiki energy to protect the plants, animals, & nature within the dome. After this video I’ll ask/apply the Reiki energy to push away 5G cell tower radiation. Thank you, EA, for making me aware/reminding me we’re all just energy. Much to think about.

  2. Can you immagine if pole shifts 180%, reversed? the north will be south and the south will be north, the oceans and water everywhere will flood everything, mountains will fly, there will be instant freezing in many areas and defrosting in others. There will be no human or any living being to my understanding. And as souls with no more human body, humans will be able to join Galactic Federation:)

    The pole shifting is directly caused by human consciousness shifting.
    I have heard there will be only 30 degrees shift in total that has started from Canada and it will slow down once reaching the mid territory of Russia.

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