Heaven – Hell & The Afterlife

  • October 2022

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In this video titled Heaven, Hell, & The Afterlife: What You Need To Know, Elizabeth April discusses the concepts of heaven, hell, and the afterlife. They share their perspectives based on their experiences as a remote viewer and medium. They explain that hell can be seen as an in-between realm or purgatory where souls can get stuck due to unresolved emotions, unfinished business, or being unaware of their own death. They also discuss the process of the afterlife, including the journey through a white light and the release of earthly burdens. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of learning lessons and fulfilling missions in each incarnation. They note that time does not exist in the afterlife and that soul fragments can exist across different dimensions simultaneously. The video ends with an exploration of past life experiences involving interdimensional beings.

October 17th, 2022 Live Video

12 thoughts on “Heaven – Hell & The Afterlife

  1. this video is so different from ancient chinese traditional after death. i am a bit confused from what i saw and learned that the asian belived when u dies u are greeded by the guards of the decived ones from underworld its simalliar to hell but not exacetly than u get judged by yamas sorts like the head court of underworld so u are judeged one by one by the yamas according to your sins that u committed alive then u get punished in the 18 levels of hell wheither only one or many , u have to get punished first then u will have chance to reincarnat, according tp samsara cycle which contains six portal of reincarnation path . because i personally went down there during dream time so i kown geeting punished is in fact a thing for all the asian counties but this so different from the western world, so i wonder why.

  2. There is no Hell! 😈 Agreed! 💛 Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives 👻 by Michael Newsom Phd really helped me on this topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsB8Tqg-NkY I do that too! I put up my right hand and extert white light energy out towards a roadside memorial cross and say “If you’re still there and you need it, take this energy if you need it to cross over!” and tell my spirit guides to assist them in anyway they can!

    • I did not understand the part where she said that if maybe someone died of a drug overdose a negative entity could pull them to a place that looks like hell. Are they stuck there forever? How about suicides are they stuck in between because they.do.have emotional pain or.someone who is schizophrenic and is doing drugs are they stuck forever if there is no medium hot help them?

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