New Humans & The 5th Dimension 2022

  • September 2022

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In this video titled New Humans & The 5th Dimension 2022, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of new humans and their characteristics. They explain that new humans are souls who come to Earth without karma and are typically neurodivergent, with differences in thinking, sensory processing, and communication styles. Elizabeth April also touches on the connection between new humans and being on the autism spectrum. Overall, the video explores the unique qualities and experiences of these new souls on their journey in a changing world.

Monday, September 19th YouTube LIVE Video

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2 thoughts on “New Humans & The 5th Dimension 2022

  1. Maybe you can select EA fashion wear. I always love what you wear and love what you do. Post your music playlist too 😆 I love you and want to be like you and experience life like you. Please share more xx

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