Morning Thai Chi ??

  • July 2021

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This video is a morning Tai Chi practice led by the presenter. They guide viewers through a series of five movements, emphasizing the importance of tuning into their energy and breath. The presenter also encourages viewers to set their intention for the day or weekend. The movements demonstrated include the moving wave, empowering surrender, ground clearing and release, graceful flight, and a final bow to show gratitude. The presenter expresses gratitude to viewers for their support and discusses the positive impact of their channel in reaching a wide audience.

3 thoughts on “Morning Thai Chi ??

  1. I’m spending a few days working on myself….self care , with cord cutting and getting back in touch with myself etc. Thanks for this video ! I’ve been really ungrounded, drained and “off” recently. I can tell I feel so much better after following this short sequence. 💛

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