Activate Your Starseed Mission πŸ’₯🧬🌍

  • May 2024
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πŸ‘½ EA is asking your questions at the June GFL Summit! Grab your tickets and join us live to hear what they have to say!

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You’re never alone! πŸ’“ Check out EA’s Spirit Guide workshop and learn how to connect with your very own Spirit Team:

EA has an update on the Kate Middleton situation! As the information is heavy (and to keep everyone safe), it will be locked for members only! See it here:

Whenever you need some extra support, we recommend checking out EA’s Psychic Protection Video Bundle to help you stay safe and combat psychic attacks!

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Looking to align to your highest potential? πŸ™Œ Check out the System Override Masterclass with Sharma and EA! πŸ’“ Step out of fear and move into fortitude:

🌟 Get ready to dive deeper into awakening and self-exploration, with our ‘You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up Activity Book & Meditation Bundle’ here:

🌟 Ready to manifest the life you truly deserve? This video will empower you to shift into the highest vibrational timeline. Explore the power of belief, focus, and affirmations as you embrace your abundance and unlock your psychic abilities. It’s time to take control of your reality!

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