Ending The Reptilian Reincarnation Cycle ❤️‍🩹 🦖

  • March 2024

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In this video, we dive into the secrets of the prison planet theory, unraveling the trauma and manipulation on Earth. Discover how to break free and reclaim our power. Are you ready?!

35 thoughts on “Ending The Reptilian Reincarnation Cycle ❤️‍🩹 🦖

  1. I can’t thank you enough for speaking on this subject, it filled me with so much sadness in Dec when I heard about it and decided to just push it away, you’ve given such a great explanation and empowered solution to this and I’m so relieved the white light is real and can be trusted, thank you Elizabeth ❤️

  2. Yup Yup Yup! I’ve also heard 3D earth is a “dumping ground” for souls who don’t comply with homogeneous alien societies.. i.e. the “hey that soul doesn’t fit in with our system! Let’s take him/her to earth so our planet/species is as drama free/plain as possible!!!” I don’t fit in even on earth sooooo…. LOL! I’m really screwed!

  3. When you mentioned the purpose of the reptilian brain (fight or flight and fear), the following scenario immediately popped into my awareness. Here it is in short order: Arable farming produces wheat, wheat makes bread, bread is an unhealthy carbohydrate as it causes all kinds of physical and mental illnesses, including anxiety (fear). The thought that flopped into awareness was, did the reptilians introduce farming to control us, including a diet that could create restlessness and fear?
    This conjecture has a surprising amount of support. In the Old Testament God (reptilians), ate prime cuts of meat, farmed by humans who were ordered to make animal sacrifices in the name of peace and forgiveness (Leviticus 4:35, Job 1:3-21). Is that why God/reptilians also forbid humans eating the offerings? Also, God placed a moratorium on many wild animals being hunted and eaten (Deuteronomy 14), which meant more meat for God. Does the advent of farming, circa 10 to12 thousand years ago date a significant reptilian intervention with humanity?
    Climate science is also consistent with this hypothesis. The dated advent of farming is right at the end of the last cooling period (Ice Age), and the start of this current Warming Period, which is now 11.8 thousand years old, and coming to an end. This date and prediction is established from Vostock research. There is however, a curious, exceptionally tall spike in warming, that occurred at the start of this current warming period. This spike is called the Younger Dryas, dated 12,900 to 11,700 years ago (Wiki). Significantly, this date overlaps the advent of farming and start of this current warming period. A warming period roughly brings about a 10 degree increase in temperature at the south poles, that’s roughly a one degree temperature rise every one thousand years. However, the Younger Dryas period brought a sudden rise and fall of temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, in its brief one thousand two hundred years, causing sea levels to rise and fall by some 140 meters, creating significant global flooding. Biblical flood?
    Could the Galactic Federation say if there is any truth to the above?
    There are a number of questions arising from these 5 issues: reptilian intervention, the end of last ice age, the Younger Dryas, farming, and the Biblical flood.
    1. Did the reptilians cause the Younger Dryas?
    2. Does the reptilians’ time on Earth corelate to the date of the Younger Dryas?
    3. If farming and the Younger Dryas are connected, was the Younger Dryas for the purpose of kick-starting farming through increased global warming?
    4. Did the reptilians introduce farming, to manipulate humanity?
    5. Are the reptilians behind the story of the Biblical flood event?

  4. Thank you so much for this video! Questions: is there no other way for the reptilians to survive/live? Do they die if they don’t feed off of our fear? Can they transcend? How did they live before we were created on planet earth? Thanks for your insighr. 🥰🙏

  5. Woah this is resonant!
    I’m an IFS therapist too. In fact I was just watching part of an IFS online course between viewing the GFL March vid and this one!
    BTW it’s ‘Internal Family Systems’ – because the approach is looking at what’s going on inside us, our inner families of personality parts, but we are seeking integration so that makes sense too!

    Fascinating to hear the parallels with soul fractures. I know Dr Dick Schwartz, the founder of IFS, has spoken about similarities with shamanic soul retrieval journeys and IFS.
    For anyone here wanting to learn more of IFS I recommend the book ‘No Bad Parts’ and checking out some of Dick Schwartz’s interviews on Youtube.

    Huge thanks and appreciation for all the knowledge you share EA!

  6. Wow EA. It felt like you were speaking directly to me in this video. With such a clear understanding of how the trap works, I can drop my fear around it. I know exactly how to move forward now and I feel empowered to do so. Endless gratitude and love…. Zoe. <3

  7. Thank you so much for this timely video. My mother was over and she happened to watch it with me when EA went live. It turned out to be what we both needed (as we all do) but especially my mother who had Dissosociave Identity Disorder when she was younger when I was a young toddler to tween child (it was really confusing). This video gave her something she has never really received from conventional means. Amazing topic and such gentle but firm handling of said topic. Thank you EA

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