The Truth About TRUMP 🤯🇺🇸

  • June 2024

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🚨 We know this is a heated topic and we may all have our differences of opinion, but we ask that you please keep it civil and respectful! 🛑

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Want to explore the hidden layers of Trump’s narrative? 🤔 Keep an open mind as we dive into his mission, origins, and the chaos he brings. Prepare for a rollercoaster of conspiracy theories and Interdimensional perspectives! 👽

84 thoughts on “The Truth About TRUMP 🤯🇺🇸

  1. I do know what is really going on with Trump. Trump is a character identity being temporarily used to help create the change that is coming. A Celestial has been playing the Trump identity. He will step aside and retire that character at the right time for the rightful individual/individuals to take over. There will be no more elections, our realm will be returning to Kingdoms for the people. The current European monarchies have been being dismantled because they never worked for the people. New Kingdoms over all territories. Canada & Australia are supposed to come under the US Kingdom.

  2. I found my way over here from the Danica Patrick interview, and after signing up for the highest level, checked out the videos that were available saw this one, and decided I would let this be the benchmark for whether or not, I can trust the source, and make myself known on the platform

    Thank goodness you asked all the right questions beginning with, “why is he such an idiot?” From there, the rest seemed a little more palatable. Anyway, happy to be a part of the community, and excited to start reviewing things.

  3. Video evidence of Trump’s big heart, On “Freedom Speaks” YouTube channel. A Video Short, entitled “This Will Bring You To Tears”

    Lots of videos on YouTube of Tulsi Gabbard surfing in Hawaii. Just type it in the YouTube search. She was even on TMZ being interviewed about it.

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