A Conversation With The Elementals 🧚🏼🧚‍♀️

  • June 2024

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Step into the mystical realm of the Elementals! In this video, EA channels Rosalie, an elemental fairy in charge of Human Elemental Relations and reveals the secrets of their fairy village, learn about their hidden ways of communication, and understand the deep connection they share with the Earth! Are you ready?! 🧚🏼‍♀️✨

54 thoughts on “A Conversation With The Elementals 🧚🏼🧚‍♀️

  1. My profile pic was drawn during an automatic writing meditation while in my bathtub. I didn’t understand it then which was a good 10 yrs ago. I name insects that have gotten lost in my kitchen sink which is unusually on a daily basis. They tend to recognize something about me which I still don’t understand. Anyhow, I catch them and release them outdoors as I would hope anyone would do when discovering that a lifeform is lost and requires directions home. Just like us 😇

  2. Thank you dear for this wonderful, fantastic and beautiful message. It brought me to tears. Yes i even talk to my plants and bugs telepathically when gardening. So glad you brought this message to us. Love you 😍

  3. Wow what an awesome video, thank you!!

    The other day I was at the trout farm with my family and I caught what looked like a fairy wing on a photo with my daughter and on my digital camera I got the most vibrant purple orb I’ve ever seen and mind you I’ve never caught a purple one before. Now it makes sense as you mentioned they protect the animals and it was need in the forest where this farm was he in Victoria, Australia. I’d love to share these pictures with you, it was mind blowing

  4. I could listen to hours of this!!! I’d love more interviews with the elementals! Like how we can communicate with them who aren’t able to talk with them like you can, how we can connect with the plants and trees for wisdom etc!

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