Sh*t’s About to Get Crazy 2024-2028

  • January 2024

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses their predictions for the years 2024-2028. They anticipate a transition from the old Earth frequency to the new Earth frequency, with financial collapse and a reset in 2024, followed by the emergence of the new Earth in 2025. They mention the possibility of exposure for bad actors, a shift in leadership, and disclosure of cosmic information in 2027. Finally, they mention the journey to happiness and the anchoring of new leadership in 2028. The video emphasizes the importance of individuals taking action and leading by example during this transformative period.

62 thoughts on “Sh*t’s About to Get Crazy 2024-2028

  1. Witnessing, what you do speaking to the Inter-dimensional Beings was really dope. Trippy-wild story about your book! I mean……is there any more obvious sign….great one, Elizabeth <3
    jan 1st 2024 is also the #1….was stoked to hear about the numerology with all of this…quite important, i believe. I was also told I'm in a 7 year cycle, ending in 2027, so that brought a big smile when you mentioned it….blissful almost. Thank you, glad to be here witnessing vs youtube. Keep it up! With you all. Infinite gratitude & love. Message age the end, very moving…….YES

  2. Holy fcking wow. Just when I think you can’t blow my mind anymore, you’re like, hold my beer🤯😅 Love all the predictions and info! But the last 5 minutes I felt like you were on my shoulder, literally speaking to every doubt and thought I’ve had for the last 5-7 years. Smdh🙏🏻💖😘

  3. Elizabeth.. I’m so glad you posted this.. I look forward with anticipation hoping that on any given day you put out a new post.., it’s like I feel things are not correct if it’s been a few days between me seeing one of your posts. There are a few individuals that I truly look forward to their posts and you are at the top of the list .. truly… peace.. Red

  4. Woah! You were almost experiencing 2 timelines at once when you felt the earthquake! You know what that reminds me of a little as silly as it sounds is “that’s so raven” when she experienced what it seemed like the visions she was having lol you’re the new age that’s so raven and I am here for it. 🤩 I have heard a lot recently that reality is weirder than science fiction and 100% agree with that. Thank you for sharing your experience as always!! What a great video though, I see the shift as well. So many videos of the veil breaking down, new solutions arising, new studies being done, and people waking up! I got chills when you said we were going to see humanity start to restore themselves. I am here for all the new earth 🌍 vibes!!
    Much love and light to you, EA. Seee you back in 5D ✨🛸

  5. EA your words are touching to the soul. Having this awareness of the journey makes life so magical. I’m excited for all the things to come and I think that’s where my mission comes in & why it hasn’t come into play yet. So for anyone else out there, not serving a mission yet. It’s cause it’s too high vibrational to exist yet. Maybe it needs to exist within the new financial system. So don’t feel discouraged, keep working or dreaming of the new world and all the amazing solutions or even just the feeling you’ve felt maybe your whole life, how life should feel. Focus on that and continue being a good human watching the best show play out until you get your own chance to shine! 🌞

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